Happy Jelly Beans!

Quite a delightful blast from the past, I got my hands on some yummy jelly beans last Sunday. How? Well, I was attending a kiddie birthday party — that was after Sunday service, of course. It was the 1st birthday of my kababata’s uber-cute son. And to my utter delight, their giveaways were these cute bottles of colorfully yummy candies! That was a great idea, by the way(whoever you are who thought of it).


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Missing Macaroons

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. If you offer me a hotdog and a cup of chocolate pudding, I’d snatch the pudding without waiting for you to finish the sentence. Hehehe. In fact, back when I was still working in an office (Did I fail to mention that I don’t anymore? :P), you would always find me munching some cookie, cake, chocolate, or ice cream every few minutes or so. I’m not kidding! I really did that. And I absolutely love pastries! One of my faves are these coconut and sweet milk cup-sized pieces of heaven… macaroons.

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