Another Nice Late Night Haunt

A friend treated me to some yummy coffee about a week ago … at this new coffee place nearby One Mango. You can find it just behind that large LED ad screen. The place is called Coffee  Bean $cent — and yes, that is a dollar sign. 😛

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when thwarted by the rain…

… go positively bonkers!


Seriously, the first weekend of the month was brimming with disappointments. Plans were scrapped because of poor attendance–not to mention, the darn weather. Anyhoo, at least I was able to get some nice caramel macchiato and a sinfully delicious banana choco muffin at CBTL…

Banana Choco Muffin Rating: 20/10
Caramel Macchiato Rating 10/10

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Perfect Late Brunch for the Tad Unwell

Spending most of my long holiday being cooped up at home due to a bout of flu is certainly not one of my best moments. Fortunately, the flu is mostly gone and most of the pain on my limbs have faded as well.  Yay!

So this morning, I prepared myself some brunch so I could take some medicine. And what could be yummier than toast with butter and honey? Add to that a cup of coffee with milk… and you get the perfect light brunch. ^_^

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An After Dinner thing at Postrio’s

“I seem to be revisiting old haunts these past few days”, I thought to myself as I ordered Vet’s and my coffee at Postrio’s late last Friday evening. After attending a friend’s art exhibit at Turtle’s Nest; Vet, Jenny, and I walked to Ayala where Jenny could find a jeepney to take her home to Banilad. After seeing Jenny off, Vet and I decided to visit Postrio’s in Archbishop Reyes and get some coffee to dispel Vet’s nausea caused by the cigarette smoke she inhaled at the art exhibit. Seeing the inside of a Potrio’s shop again made me remember all those yummy muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and cakes I used to hoard when our office was still near BTC. Man! Those were the days! I wonder if BTC still has a Postrio’s. I haven’t visited that place in quite a while. Oh well, back to our late evening last Friday. Vet ordered a prettily done café mocha while I asked for a caffè latte. And of course, I couldn’t pass up those pastries I spied as we came in. *Huge grin* So, I added a brownie (I forgot the its exact name…it was “turtle” something) and a custard pie to my order while Vet added a chocolate brownie to hers. After the guy behind the counter took our order, I went back to our table. Vet and I talked about work and waited a while…A few minutes later Vet spied a cup of pretty coffee, and she exclaimed surprise when the waiter headed to our table with it. She sure did look like a little kid when the waiter said the pretty coffee was hers. Haha! Vet seeing pretty-looking food is always an interesting sight. Peace, Vet!


Vet’s Pretty Café Mocha

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