Valentines Night, the way it should be

… spent with people you care about… and in a quaint little treasure of a restaurant to boot.

Friends have been planning the dinner for weeks because we wanted to get together and catch up. And which better date to do so, right? So there we were trudging the streets looking for a place to park our butts in, and we find most restaurants were packed… of course. *facepalm*

Luckily, this cute little Spanish restaurant in Ramos was able to accommodate us. Ipar’s Restaurante Y Bar De Tapas

The place was also packed but they had space in their bar area and so we waited there until they had an empty table for us. Their staff was especially accommodating though. I liked how they were so polite and attentive to diners, even ones without reservations — which obviously included “us”. Hehehe.

They had such lovely interesting decor, too (which I plan to take more photos of when we visit it again).

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Amazingly Mouthwatering Calzone and Mooooore Pizza at Ryan’s!

I think I may be unintentionally drowning in Italian food–Pinoy-style or no.  When I go out with friends, I end up eating pizza. When I cook at home, I end up whipping up some pasta. *facepalm*  Clearly, the cuisine has not diminished in any way for me–despite its downright disgusting frequency sometimes. Anyhoo, what I really wanted to blab about is this old place I newly discovered–courtesy of some new officemates, who are as much of a foodie as I am, if not more so. 😛

Calzone [Rating 10/10]

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Nothing Says “I Miss You” Than Scrumptious Pizza

Got together with a couple of lovely friends last month. I haven’t seen one in almost a year, I think, while the other pretty I only see intermittently– and for short “hi hellos” only. So it was  such a treat to be able to see them that balmy night after my first day at the new office. I was a little preoccupied that night. But at least I didn’t forget that we had a date. Hehehe. And yes, my head goes a little senile sometimes.

Anyhoo, since my current office is around Fuente Circle, the three of us decided to have dinner around the circle as well. We opted for pizza! Yay! And it was Dona’s treat. Molto grazie, Dona bella! ^_^

[Rating: 8/10]  Had too much meat for my taste. 😛
But I couldn’t say no. I was hungry and it smelled so yummy. Hehehe!

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Updates: More Food at Iamik’s Chicken and Beer

I don’t often have chances to visit this place. But when I do, I always go away with a bulging tummy and a huge grin. They just have such yummy nosh. Now, my latest stint at Iamik’s was for a friend’s farewell party… supposedly. :p  He and his family were about to migrate to the U.S. at that time. (Now, they’re there and I’ll be missing my godson more than I ever did. T_T)

When I got there, I was so hungry and was surrounded by food smells–and cigarette smoke–I couldn’t stop myself from ordering ahead.

I ordered this scrumptious Chicken Spaghetti… and it has mushrooms, too! I love mushrooms.:D [Rating: 10/10]

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Yummy Grubs at Dong Juan

Mozzarella Sticks [Rating: 7/10]

They weren’t bad but I’ve munched on better.

Food is one of the major glues that holds us together. And by “us”, I mean my friends and I. Hehe. That’s why it’s not so unusual that whenever I meet up with friends, we always have food right smack in the middle–a fact that I find delightfully adorable, I tell you. Anyhoo, friends and I just discovered this one yummy place, which has two nice branches; one in Guadalupe  near Mooon Cafe and another at The Persimmon in Mabolo. You might have heard of it. It’s called Dong Juan. Continue reading

Delightful Dinners and Lovely Luncheons at 10 Dove Street

News about this beautifully quaint place actually reached my gluttonous ears several years ago. In short, I’ve heard of this place from friends before but have never had any occasion to visit it myself until last month. My two delicious visits to this adorable place are, I can safely say, among the highlights of the last month of my 2011… more so when I got a taste of their Pandan Cake after I already had their Yogurt one! How unbelievably yummy is that?!

Now, before I go into the photos of yummy food and beautiful friends, I think it’s only appropriate that I mention some details about this lovely food place.

10 Dove Street, as its name implies, is the actual  address of the restaurant. The complete address is 10 Dove Street, Sto. Nino Village, Banilad, Cebu City Philippines. They serve “four-course” meals of your choice. Basically, you order a soup, a salad, a sandwich(main course), and a slice of cake. But it depends on which sandwich you get though. There are some sandwiches which have accompanying salads, so you’d have to cancel the salad part… which would mean you’d be having a three-course instead of a four-course meal. But that’s all right. You’d still be stuffed. Trust me! And all these delightfully delicious dishes only cost Php190 per person. It’s a veritable glutton’s feast that’s quite reasonably priced in this age of never-ending inflation, methinks. However, that price doesn’t include drinks. So you have to pay for the drinks on top of the Php190. No need to worry though, their drinks are reasonably priced at Php40 to Php50… from what I can remember.

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Impromptu Chika-an Dinner

Last Monday,  some friends invited me to an impromptu dinner at Chika-an SM City Cebu. And I, of course, jumped at the chance of spending some time with friends I haven’t seen in a while… not to mention, there are some yummy food involved. I never say “no” to good food. 😀

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