Note to Self…

Butter doesn’t make pancakes moist. It makes them brittle. Geeze louise!

And too much baking flour makes them want to imitate a chiffon cake. Hahaha.

In short… don’t experiment with pancake batter if you don’t want brittle over-fluffy ones. *Facepalm*

But hey, they still look nice in photos. 😛


H & G, Eggs!

Was catching up on my social media when I realized my tummy was actually literally growling. o.O

So I grabbed a pan, beat 2 eggs, added some milk… and voila!

Fluffy scrambled eggs! Yum!

Well actually, I also added minced garlic and unsalted butter to this… and some black peppermill.

I’ve been making these things for years but I rarely get to eat here at home… ergo, I rarely get to cook. Been a bit busy lately.

But hey, food taste all the better when you’re famished. Right? ^_^ I certainly finished it all under 5 minutes. Hehe.

I love breakfast food!

Now, I’m off to bed. 😀