I’m a Food Addict

I live to eat. What can I say? I love stuffing my face…from junk foods to gourmet dishes. I’m not really picky. However, sometimes my allergies give me wake-up calls and remind me that I need to be finicky every now and then.

This is where I’m gonna write about the adventures my taste buds and I have gone through, both the good and the disgusting. I will be writing mostly about places here in my hometown, the lovely Cebu City. I love taking pictures of food, and I have decided to put up this blog because I discovered I have tons of pictures of food and nowhere to put them.

I love to travel and will try to write about food from other places, too. But I would have to consult my pockets before I can travel again.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional food critic. All of the things I will be writing here are my or my friends’ personal opinions. So, don’t readily believe every single word I say. Deal? …Deal!


14 thoughts on “I’m a Food Addict

  1. hello… thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂
    i must add you to my blogroll. i am a foodie myself, but only very recently have been taking note of places i’ve gone to and food i’ve tried and gone back for (my bad!). i haven’t blogged about them though, but i might soon.
    thanks for sharing your finds.


  2. Found you by way of Ley’s My Cebu Photo Blog. Since I love Cebu City (Gihigugma Ko Cebu!) and I am addicted to food it looks like I’ll be visiting you here often. Thanks for bringing us all up to date.


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