Chocolates and Birthday Donuts

Having munched on the last of the jelly beans from little Aedan’s birthday, it was quite a stroke of good luck that I was able to get my hands on something else to nibble on — a bar of schokolade and some birthday donuts! *dances a jig*

Yep, a friend gave me a bar of yummy chocolate from Deutschland just a few weeks ago and they’re awe-some! And it’s totally not because I have no other chocolate bars here to munch on, or that I’m just desperate for something other than the hard candies I sneakily take from my niece’s loot bag. 😛 Seriously though, these chocolate-covered strawberry yogurt bars are the bomb! If I weren’t afraid of getting swollen tonsils, I’d have finished the lot in one go. Thankfully, common sense won over and I stopped after the fourth scrumptious square. Danke schoen, Herr Jude!


In another news… last Thursday was my papa’s birthday! I like celebrating other people’s birthdays actually, especially my parents’. And I can hardly forget my father’s… since he shares it with a very famous dictator, as well as a renowned tragic event. *serious sad face*

Anyhoo, all the sad tidbits aside, my family and I always find some way to commemorate the day. However, my family has never been big on celebrations or parties. This year was no exception. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Pardon the cliche. 😛

Now this year; my little sister, her chikitings, and I are the only ones here in Cebu. So we just had some teeny tiny “salo-salo”. I bought Papa a small present while my sister and her girls bought a box of yummy J.Co donuts.

Personally, I find nothing special about J.Co donuts, except maybe that they’re more expensive than ones from Dunkin. 😛   To be fair though, I do like the cream-filled ones with some sort of macha glaze on top. The blueberry ones weren’t bad either! Or perhaps I’m just really easily pleased when it comes to pastries. 😛

Well, whether or not J.Co donuts are really worth your hard-earned peso, I’m quite glad Cebu has another franchise that offers us Cebuanos some alternative to the offerings of regular donut shops. After all, it’s good to experience some variety once in a while.

But to be honest, I’ll probably not get over my old faves — Bavarian filled pastries from Dunkin Donuts and the original glazed ones from Krispy Kreme — for a long time to come.


One thought on “Chocolates and Birthday Donuts

  1. I have to agree with you on the Bavarian-filled Dunkin Donuts.. they are the best!
    I also like Choco butternut and butternut. For jCo, the only one that I remember really loving when I first tasted it while in Singapore was the ones that had almond slices on it but most of them are really quite sweet and I easily get swollen tonsils from sweet stuff so I can’t indulge. 😉

    Nothing beats Dunkin Donuts though.. it doesn’t hurt your pocket, is not too sweet and smells really really good even from afar! 😉


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