Happy Jelly Beans!

Quite a delightful blast from the past, I got my hands on some yummy jelly beans last Sunday. How? Well, I was attending a kiddie birthday party — that was after Sunday service, of course. It was the 1st birthday of my kababata’s uber-cute son. And to my utter delight, their giveaways were these cute bottles of colorfully yummy candies! That was a great idea, by the way(whoever you are who thought of it).


Seriously, I missed chewing on these! I used to go through a whole bag of these when I was in gradeschool. It was probably partly because they were free. Our church got boxes of them from the U.S. before and of course, they were given to the children — which we were. Whoa! That was more than 2 decades ago. *head reeling*

Clearly, my sweet tooth goes a long long long way back!

Anyhoo, the little dude’s celebration was in Mango Park Hotel and so I finally got the chance to see what that place looks like inside. Hehe. Plus, I got to see some great friends(who I consider family) again. And I got to kiss and hug cuties. ^_^

I had great fun! Thanks for the invite Hannah and Karl. And Happy Birthday again, Junior Cadet Aedan!


Jelly bellies! Yay!!!



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