Another Nice Late Night Haunt

A friend treated me to some yummy coffee about a week ago … at this new coffee place nearby One Mango. You can find it just behind that large LED ad screen. The place is called Coffee  Bean $cent — and yes, that is a dollar sign. 😛

The place looks okay enough and baristas were quite accommodating, which is a must in the hospitality business, of course.



However, it was the prices of their caffeine shots that truly amazed me. A cup of coffee ranges from 50 to about 80 pesos. On top of that, the hazelnut latte I had was really yummy! In a city were you can rarely find a cup of coffee under a hundred pesos, unless it was from a sachet, this treat was surely a surprise to me.

And the place is quite spacey and there are two floors. Perfect for those late night study sessions or just plain catch-ups with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

This is how their upper floor looks like.

Later that night though, I found a sign outside that the cafe is offering a 50% discount on their drinks as a “soft opening” treat to customers. So perhaps the “cheapo” coffee may not be available for long. But hey, maybe you’d find them to be well worth your peso even then. You never know.

As for me, as long as it has luscious coffee, I’ll never say “nay”. ^_^

And before I forget… Arigatou goizaimasu, Sachi-chan!


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