Fried Rice with Scallops, Oyster Sauce, and Egg

Tardy… that’s exactly the word that sums up most of my posts here. Not to mention, I rarely get to post anything at all. I’ve been so terribly busy. I have no other excuse, really. Anyway, I’m home alone today and had to fend for myself… and I felt like experimenting again. So, I decided to go out and buy some groceries because I have little else to cook here at the house. When I spied the scallops at the supermarket, a proverbial  light bulb turned on in my head. 😀 And so here’s my latest pièce de résistance!

Fried Rice with Scallops, Oyster Sauce, and Egg  (apologies for the bad photo :P)


Unsalted Butter
Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
Minced Onions
Brown Sugar
A bit of soy sauce
A bit of oyster sauce
Cooked Rice
1 Egg

How to cook?

1. Melt butter in the pan and then put the onions and garlic. Cook in medium heat until onions are a bit transparent.

2. Add scallops and cook in high heat until a bit golden brown.

3. Add rice and do some “de-clumping”.

4. Then, add soy sauce and brown sugar. (As it happens, I rarely measure these things. I usually just do “guesstimates”.)

5. Add olive oil and oyster sauce. If you have a sautée seasoning, you can also put in some but make sure to do so sparingly and taste it to judge your preference.

6. Add some water to soften the rice and cook in low heat until most of the water evaporates.

7. When it’s a bit fluffy but not mushy anymore, then it’s done… sort of.

8. Put the rice on a plate and fry an egg “sunny side up”. Put this on top of the rice.

Voila! Yummy Fried Rice with Scallops, Oyster Sauce, and Egg!

It actually is. No joke! I finished the entire bowl by myself! Sheeshkebab!

^_^ But it was really delicious!!!

How about you? Have you done any epicurean experiments lately? I would love to hear about them! 😀


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