when thwarted by the rain…

… go positively bonkers!


Seriously, the first weekend of the month was brimming with disappointments. Plans were scrapped because of poor attendance–not to mention, the darn weather. Anyhoo, at least I was able to get some nice caramel macchiato and a sinfully delicious banana choco muffin at CBTL…

Banana Choco Muffin Rating: 20/10
Caramel Macchiato Rating 10/10

and a bit of fun at the mall with a friend.  Oh, I was able to tap into the cafe’s net, too, and had a short Skype call with me mum; so all in all, it was a good weekend… despite the gloomy weather.

At least this weekend was a bit more fruitful, in terms of social activities anyway. 😀 But let’s leave that for another post, shall we?

Note: Banana chocolate muffins from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are the best muffins I’ve tasted, so far. Their double chocolate muffins come in a close second. ^_^


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