Amazingly Mouthwatering Calzone and Mooooore Pizza at Ryan’s!

I think I may be unintentionally drowning in Italian food–Pinoy-style or no.  When I go out with friends, I end up eating pizza. When I cook at home, I end up whipping up some pasta. *facepalm*  Clearly, the cuisine has not diminished in any way for me–despite its downright disgusting frequency sometimes. Anyhoo, what I really wanted to blab about is this old place I newly discovered–courtesy of some new officemates, who are as much of a foodie as I am, if not more so. 😛

Calzone [Rating 10/10]

Tada! Ryan’s Pizzarelli House! (Sorry, I still don’t have a reliable flash for the camera.)

Yes, yes… granted, I am such a noob for being ignorant about the place for decades. I mean, I grew up here, for crying out loud! Anyway, their nosh was quite a surprise. And the names! Man, I still could not help grinning like a fool when I think of their menu. 😀 And of course, I took pixies of the food. This happened quite a while ago. I just didn’t feel like posting it right away. Gotta be consistent with my being the Queen of Procrastination, you know! Hehehe.

Now,  here are the yummy nosh! Hope I could visit the place again. Hmmm… more food!

Some meaty pizza I forgot the name of [Rating: 8/10] It was yummy…sort of

Pizza with Egg! [Rating: 8/10] It was not as yummy as I thought it would be… but it was still pretty interesting to the palate.

Calzone… before the attack of the hungry hands. 😀

Oooh! They also have some interesting decor, by the way. ^_^

Yeah, I still have secret aspirations of becoming a paparazzi. 😛

New peeps… Sorry, I think I had too much coffee that day.

Buon apetito!

*Yawn* I really should be getting some shut eye now.


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