Nothing Says “I Miss You” Than Scrumptious Pizza

Got together with a couple of lovely friends last month. I haven’t seen one in almost a year, I think, while the other pretty I only see intermittently– and for short “hi hellos” only. So it was  such a treat to be able to see them that balmy night after my first day at the new office. I was a little preoccupied that night. But at least I didn’t forget that we had a date. Hehehe. And yes, my head goes a little senile sometimes.

Anyhoo, since my current office is around Fuente Circle, the three of us decided to have dinner around the circle as well. We opted for pizza! Yay! And it was Dona’s treat. Molto grazie, Dona bella! ^_^

[Rating: 8/10]  Had too much meat for my taste. 😛
But I couldn’t say no. I was hungry and it smelled so yummy. Hehehe!

Taters [Rating: 7/10] They were yummy… because any kind of poh-tah-to will always be yummy to me. But frankly, they were too dry and a bit tasteless. 😀 I guess I still love Shakey’s mojos, no matter how salty they get sometimes. 😛

Dip-licious [Rating: 10/10] I think it was such a fun dessert… no matter that the mangoes were a bit sour. 😛

It was a good night. We had such big laughs and “kilig” moments… catching up with whatever the three of us have been doing lately. I absolutely could not stop smiling over Dona’s anecdotes. Now she’s back in PNG and it would be a long while till we could eat together again. It was a blessing that we were able to get together.

Joan, let’s have coffee soon!

We love you, Don. Take care always!

When will we have dinner again, bonitas? 😀


One thought on “Nothing Says “I Miss You” Than Scrumptious Pizza

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    Hi Admin,

    Tatanung ko lang po sana kung pwede naman kayo invite to our newly opened sea food restaurant in J Center Mall for free food testing.

    Other details will be discuss.

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    Thank you


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