Yummy 7-Eleven Sundae

Cebuanos have been waiting decades for this mini-mart to set foot here in our city and now that it has, people seem to be frantically finding ways to go there and get something… anything.

And last Saturday, I convinced my nieces to come with me to get some vanilla ice cream. I have been craving one for weeks, and every time I thought about it I just get microbursts of depression because I’m still broke. 😦 Well, thank the heavens there’s 7-Eleven. 😀 They didn’t have the vanilla only kind, so we got the mixed one. It was still incredibly yummy. 🙂

And what a grand time we three had. I was so amazed how one cone of ice cream could make my whole week… and more. 😛

What could be more beautiful than eating yummy sundae cone with my two kulit but adorable nieces on a calm Saturday evening? Nothing that I could imagine at the moment, I tell you.  ^_^


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