Craving Choco Monster

It’s amazing how you sometimes forget the happiness you’ve found in a local shop before, because of the onslaught of flashy  international tycoons. Excuse the verbose statement. What I meant to say is that lately I just forgot how wonderful the food is in our very own local Orange Brutus… especially their awesome Choco Monster!

Yes, I got dragged and dragged others to this food place the previous weeks in order to scrounge for some scrumptious chow here. They actually have several branches in the city and neighboring island, but I just went to the one in SM with a couple of good friends. We had a much-needed catching up, especially tidbits about mutual friends and foe, and we got stuffed. Oh boy, did we get stuffed. 😛

Chicken Steak [Rating: 9/10]

… and it’s very affordable, too!

Vegetable Lumpia [Rating: 8/10]

Mango Shake [Rating: 8/10]

The Peeps

It was a good weekend with some great pals and scrumptious food!

Bon appetit!

P.S. I also wrote about this food place at another site, which my friends and I have been busy with lately. So if you’re wondering why I’m not so visible here, you’ll see that my nose has been busy there. Please, check out our blog, Hanging Rice. 😀


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