Updates: More Food at Iamik’s Chicken and Beer

I don’t often have chances to visit this place. But when I do, I always go away with a bulging tummy and a huge grin. They just have such yummy nosh. Now, my latest stint at Iamik’s was for a friend’s farewell party… supposedly. :p  He and his family were about to migrate to the U.S. at that time. (Now, they’re there and I’ll be missing my godson more than I ever did. T_T)

When I got there, I was so hungry and was surrounded by food smells–and cigarette smoke–I couldn’t stop myself from ordering ahead.

I ordered this scrumptious Chicken Spaghetti… and it has mushrooms, too! I love mushrooms.:D [Rating: 10/10]

and Chicken Round 3 [Rating: 9/10] It was yummy but my tongue went numb after 3 spoonfuls. Hehehe.

 and Chicken Sisig! (our gang’s favorite) [Rating: 10/10]

 Then, the rest of the Diamonds arrived and we got more food! 😀

Forgot the name of this… it was mucho deliciouso nonetheless. Chicken with creamy sauce [Rating: 10/10]

Some sort of Chicken Fillet Rice Bowl? [Rating: 9/10]

Chicken Chicharon [Rating: 15/10] It gave me “itchies” but it was so addictive I couldn’t stop myself from reaching for it… over and over and over again!

…like crack… not that I’ve tried crack. Wahaha!

We had two or more servings of each dish, so we all had our fill and more! 🙂


Junico and Niel



Abs and Raj

Ivy, Abs lovely wife

Isn’t it freakily amazing?! We’ve known each other for more than a decade now! Now, I feel old. Haha.

Anyhoo, Iamik’s clearly has gotten more wonderful over the years. Wish you more success, Ian. Hope you and your family get to visit Cebu soon… with pasalubongs, of course. Kidding! 😛

I look forward to my next visit. I bet they’d have even more yummy food on their menu the next time the Diamonds visit. 🙂

Buon appetito!


5 thoughts on “Updates: More Food at Iamik’s Chicken and Beer

    • The Chicken dishes there are scrumptious. Yeah, I think you can bring your kids, if you want… if you’re thinking of supper. But I should mention that smoking is allowed there and an hour or so after supper time, serious drinkers come to hang out. And on weekends, there are live bands. ^_^


  1. jlmadsen says:

    First of all, awesome blog you got here, wish I had known about it while I still was in Cebu.. 😀

    Secondly, I’m totally thrilled reading about your visits to Iamik’s Beer and Chicken, this place has the best food and atmosphere you can ask for.. Living just 5 minutes away during my half year stay this restaurant became me and my roomie’s second home.. can only highly recommend it over and over again hehehe


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