Yummy Fish and Pasta at Fr. Landz

I have been MIA here for quite a while. I could dish out (apparently, I’m still thinking of food… sheesh!) tons of excuses but the short of it is; I got lazy.  Anyways, I have been itching to have dinner with friends for quite a while. And we’ve been planning to have one for months but none of it ever panned out… except for this one time. Yay!

So yes, Yam, Ley, and I had dinner last Wednesday night. I actually took a day off work for this just so we could make it happen. And since the place was only a short walk (from our houses) for the three of us, it was sort of an easy decision. And the place was a tad empty. Let me rephrase that, we were the only ones there. 😀 I guess we’re getting bored of the typical mall meet-ups, binge dinners, and noisy high school crowds. Hehe.

And so we decided on Fr. Landz. It’s a teeny tiny place on V. Rama Avenue that serves pizza, a variety of meat dishes, and tons of fettuccine. All right, not really “tons” but a lot, believe me. Actually, they also have penne. 🙂 The crew was friendly enough. And when I saw their pretty colorful drinks, I was sold! Just check out my aqua blue lemonade. 😀

Aqua Blue Lemonade [Rating: 10/10]

And Yam’s Sexy Red Raspberry Iced Tea

And for the grubs!

Ley’s  Chicken and Fettuccine in Carbonara Sauce with Garlic Bread

[Ley’s Rating:] He said the chicken was a bit hard. He wasn’t happy with his food, I think.  Hehe.

Yam’s Fettucine in Tomato Sauce with Garlic Bread

Ma Tuna Steak and Fettuccine smothered in Tomato Sauce with Garlic Bread, of course

[Moi Rating: 8/10] I love the tuna and bread. But the tomato sauce was a bit too salty.

Then, I gave Yam and Ley their early X-mas gifts. 😀

Bon apetito! c”,)


5 thoughts on “Yummy Fish and Pasta at Fr. Landz

  1. o10mo3 says:

    Hi, thanks for introducing the nice restaurant!
    I love your blog.
    Now I’m surprised and sad. Because when I tried to talk with you,I coudn’t find you. So I’d happy if you access my email address. I miss you.
    I’d like to add you to my facebook. And if you like, I’d like to talk with you more.


  2. o10mo3 says:

    Of course,I was one of your students for English conversation.
    If you pay attention to my nickname pronunciation, you will remenber me.
    At the latest lesson we talked about Japanese and South Korean dramas. And You like Takuya Kimura and Jun Matsumoto,right?
    We also talked about this blog. After that, you introduced me your other blog.
    So I looked forward to talking about that blog with you!
    If you like,I’d be happy if you access my mailadress.
    Then I’ll tell you my real name, and I’d like to add you to my facebook.
    I hope we can exchange emails about a lot of interesting things.


  3. o10mo3 says:

    OK. Thanks.I’d be happy you can add me to your personal skype.And is it possible you can use skype at home? Because I heard many Filipino don’t have PC at home even if they work using PC at their company.


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