Poffertjes and Waffle Sundaes at Texas Chicken

A few months ago, some friends and I went on a day trip to Batam, Indonesia via Singapore. A friend and I were already in Singapore almost a month before that trip… for purposes that I am not going to mention here. Hehehe. Suffice it to say that the plan didn’t work out and we went home to Cebu over a month later. Anyway, we were staying with a friend and her hubby while we were in SG. And so when another friend came to visit, it was sort of inevitable that we’d go on a trip for a weekend.  We decided to go on a day tour to one of the neighboring islands. A small island that belongs to the Indonesian archipelago… Batam.

The idea of the trip made the adventurer in me sport a huge smile. Besides, hearing the name of the place for the first time really got me curious. But I was about to go broke then and so I was a bit hesitant in giving assent. Anyway, the persuasions of a thousand pros from the said friends finally made me give in and so we went to Batam that one weekend. The tour provided us with transportation, an itinerary, and lunch. The transportation and the itinerary were quite all right. However, lunch was a bit disappointing and our group got hungry after just a couple of hours. You know those hunger pangs you get where you could imagine yourself binging on several plates heaping with the most delicious food you could imagine? Those were the ones we got. Haha. And so when the tour bus took us to one of Batam’s shopping malls, we scoured the place for some grub. It took us quite a while to decide where to eat that by the time we settled on a restaurant, I imagine we would’ve eaten anything they put on our table… plates and all. Kidding!

Anyway, we finally settled on eating at Texas Chicken and each of us just ordered chicken meals. But then I spied these yummy desserts by the counter and they looked like they were talking to me, persuading me to wolf them down. Hahaha. In reality, I was so excited when I saw these yummy confections that I was jumping like a hyperactive little kid as I asked one of my friends to order them for me.  I guess I could never resist pastry and vanilla ice cream.

So yes, these two desserts were among the most important highlights of that trip.

The Great Waffle Sundae [Rating: 20/10] 😛

Zee Amazing Poffertjes [Rating: 20/10] 😛

I have sorely forsaken this site for months now… and I cannot promise still that I’ll be able to regularly makes posts from now on. But I hope to give you guys and gals, my few loyal readers (a.k.a. great friends), more posts soon. 😀


2 thoughts on “Poffertjes and Waffle Sundaes at Texas Chicken

  1. Sweet tooth says:

    After reading your post i got an urge to try out the poffertjies. Too bad texas chicken Singapore is no longer offering them…
    Did an online search and found a poffertjies shop at the basement of central mall, beside Clarke Quay MRT. Will head down to try this coming weekend!


    • We found these yummy things in Batam… didn’t know Texas Chicken in SG also have this. Good P.I. powers. 🙂 Btw, the Waffles Sundae was equally scrumptious, you should try that as well.

      Thanks for visiting my site. 😀


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