Mandarin Tea Garden at SM City Cebu

One Sunday (months ago), Papa and I were aimlessly walking around SM City Cebu after Sunday service when we discovered that Cebu now has a branch of the famous Mandarin Tea Garden. I was able to sample their food in Davao when I went to that city for a dear friend’s wedding. And I personally thought their menu with those “no pork” signs was quite adorable. Their food wasn’t bad either. I remember I ate so much at that time. 😀 And since my Papa loves Chinese food as well, it wasn’t so difficult to convince him to sample their food.

We had…

Mixed Vegetables [Rating: 9/10]

Siomai [Papa’s Rating: 8/10]

Fish Curry [Rating: 8/10]


Shark Fin Dumplings [Rating: 9/10]… It had pork but I sampled one anyway. 😛

I can’t remember the specific prices of these dishes.

But if I remember correctly, I think they were less than a hundred pesos each.

Mànmàn chī, everyone!




5 thoughts on “Mandarin Tea Garden at SM City Cebu

  1. My mom loves Chinese food (and does a lot of things the Chinese-way even though she is very far from being a Chinese herself). I have been constantly thinking of taking her to this restaurant, but every time I pass by the place, I end up not getting in thinking it would be too expensive. After reading your post though, I will be going there when my mom comes to the city for a visit. I’m quite confident I can afford that less-than-a-hundred-bucks-each dishes. Nice post!

    By the way, can we exchange links? 🙂


    • Hello! Thanks for taking a peek at my poorly updated food blog. Sure, I’d be happy to exchange links with you. It’s always nice to meet a fellow food blogger. I’ll put you on my blogroll right after this. Scout’s honor. 😀


  2. We hope to exchange links with you. If you also linked us back, kindly notify us so we can also add you in our blogroll list. Thank you

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  3. Amelia says:

    February 2nd 2013,

    Dear respective owners of the Mandarin Tea Garden,

    I recently visited the Mandarin Tea Garden along with my work associate in the hopes of reserving your conference room for an event for our organization. We were speaking with the restaurant manager about potential dates while looking over the food selection, when we noticed that shark fins were being advertised on your menu. Although Mandarin Tea Garden has reasonable prices and a great event space, I’m afraid we will not be selecting your restaurant for our event. We cannot patronize a restaurant serving shark fins and still maintain our moral conscience.
    The practice of shark finning is not only incredibly cruel but also extremely detrimental to the environment. The shark fins are removed while the animal is still alive, then the bleeding shark is thrown back into the ocean to suffocate and drown. This practice is the cause of a rapid decline in shark populations, including a number of endangered species. Nearly one out of five shark species is classified by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as threatened with extinction. An abundant ocean depends on predators like sharks keeping ecosystems balanced. Healthy shark populations also fuel local economies in the Philippines where sharks are responsible for millions of dollars in tourism.
    I am writing to urge you to please remove shark fins from your menu. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Mandarin Tea Garden to stand up for the environment and the financial well being of the Philippines. You can be a respected leader in the movement to end shark finning. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to dining at your restaurant when shark fins is no longer on the menu.

    Amelia Kent
    A concerned citizen of the planet


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