Missing Macaroons

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. If you offer me a hotdog and a cup of chocolate pudding, I’d snatch the pudding without waiting for you to finish the sentence. Hehehe. In fact, back when I was still working in an office (Did I fail to mention that I don’t anymore? :P), you would always find me munching some cookie, cake, chocolate, or ice cream every few minutes or so. I’m not kidding! I really did that. And I absolutely love pastries! One of my faves are these coconut and sweet milk cup-sized pieces of heaven… macaroons.

Last time I had this was last year, at my goddaughter’s second birthday. They were so yummy. I could still remember how yummy that I feel like crying.  This is what happens when you barely get out of the house. =))

Apparently, Filipinos have their own style in preparing these delightful mini cakes. If you want to try your hand at it, just click the link below. 😛

How to Make Coconut Macaroons – Filipino Style

P.S. Sorry about the bits of craziness. I really should go out and buy some “happiness” at least once a week. But then I’m trying to save all that I can for something major. Waahhh! I hate having to choose! And yes, this is me having sugar withdrawals. Haha.

Bon apetito!


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