Froyo, anyone?

The White Hat [Rating: 10/10]

I love ice cream. I love any and all dairy products, actually. Yes, yes, it’s obvious that I am a fan of food. Moving on. When I first tasted yogurt, I thought it was weird. Well, I was only a little kid. I thought all sour milk is bad milk. But as I was growing up, I grew to love all dairy eatables… even yogurt. And boy was I glad I gave yogurt another chance. Yogurt is one of the many yummy and healthy food in the world that I don’t mind eating every day… every hour even. I love it! But there’s a downside. It can be quite pricey. Well, IT IS here in Cebu anyway. And since I stay away from anything by Nestle, my options are a bit slim.


Now, my favorite kind is the frozen kind… because it tastes like ice cream, but yummier and more tummy-friendly. But it is even more pricey than the regular kind. 😦  So I only get to treat myself to a cup of it once every few weeks or so.


Coffee Cat [Rating: 8/10]

Here in Cebu, you can get frozen yogurt almost anywhere. And this is a relatively new development, mind you. A year ago, you could hardly find a decent cup of frozen yogurt anywhere. My first date with this yummy dessert was in Sagada. (Yogurt House has the yummiest frozen yogurt you could ever eat. I do not kid.) Since then, my friends and I have been looking for it here in our hometown. We couldn’t find any until Coffee Cat opened at IT Park sometime around this year. Or was it late last year? However, now you could see numerous stands inside malls and small yogurt shops opening everywhere in the city. Cebu has got “frozen yogurt craze” or something. In fact, I have been to several different frozen yogurt stands and shops already. So far, White Hat at SM City Cebu is my favorite. Coffee Cat is second. And the one in Teriyaki Boy is a close third. How about you? Which froyo shop in Cebu do you like best?


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