Saucy Sbarro

I love pasta! I love cheese! I love yummy bread! And because I do, I adore this place.  I have actually been to this place numerous times but I always forget to bring my camera… except for this last one though. Hehehe.

Now, due to the fact that I really don’t have anyone else to drag to these places on weekends except for my Papa, I dragged him to this yummy place after church service a couple of Sundays, or maybe about a month, ago. He doesn’t mind… well, not anymore anyway. Seriously, he stopped minding when I kept bringing him to “non-Filipino” restaurants even after he complained to me about that fact a hundred times. Persistent, that’s moi.

This is one of my favorite food places in Cebu. They serve all sorts of pasta with really yummy sauces, ridiculously gigantic slices of pizza, and absolutely to-die-for garlic breads! And sometimes, when I could spare some change, I would also get a serving of their “sinfully delicious they could not possibly be nutritious” fruit salad.  *sigh*

Fruit Salad [Rating: 10/10]

Yes, dessert gets the first bill. According to Ally Craig, you could die before you finish the main dish and then you’d miss out on the yummiest part of the meal. The dessert. Yes, that would be tragic, wouldn’t it? 😀


Penne with Tomato Pasta Sauce [Rating: 9/10]


Garlic Bread [Rating: 20/10] 😛


Ham and Pepperoni Pizza… I forgot the exact name. [Papa’s Rating: 8/10]

I didn’t eat this. Notice the red meat? 😀


Raspberry Iced Tea [Rating: 10/10]

There are about 3 Sbarro branches here in Cebu that I know. There is 1 in SM, 1 in Ayala, and 1 in Robinson’s Place.

This particular lunch was at the SM branch, near the groceries.

Out of those three branches, I’ve only been to the one in Ayala and SM. And so far, their people have been all right. They’re not experts on charm, but they’re all right. One of my friends said I should thank my twinkly lucky stars that I haven’t been to the one in Robinson’s Place because she said their service is a bit sucky. I couldn’t really pass judgment myself since I haven’t been there. I don’t know, I might hazard eating there one of these days, just so I could experience for myself the allegedly crappy service. Yes, yes, I’m a masochist. LOL!

Bon Apetito, everyone!


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