Sunday Lunch at Persian Palate

Lately, I have been able  to drag my Papa to restaurants of my choice with the premise that I pay. And since I don’t actually mind this – most of the time anyway- drag my Papa, I did. This was one of those times. Now, I have always been a fan of this place ever since the Slingbag shift introduced me to it. I love curry! Hehehe. That Sunday, my Papa warned me not to order too much, which is what I’m wont to do whenever I’m somewhere where delicious food can be had with just a point of a forefinger. 😀 So I only ordered two dishes. See? I can be wise when I put my mind to it. Still, if one dish is good for at least 4 people, having huge amounts of leftover is still very much a probability. Nonetheless, I was happy that scorching midday. Happy and burping curry all the way home. 😀

Samosas [Rating: 10/10]

Note: My papa thought it tasted weird. Hehehe.


Chicken Biryani [Rating: 10/10]

Note: My papa opted to make no comment on this one. Nonetheless, we were both full in the tummy when we exited the restaurant.


Mango Shake [Rating: 10/10]


Clearly, I was happy with lunch that day. 😀


Bon apetito!


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