Hukad Updates

I recently had dinner with high school buddies at Hukad (Ayala Terraces). I’ve posted about this restaurant before but since that was over a year ago, I deemed it time to make an update… just to check if their food are as yummy as before.  And to answer that question… yes, this lovely restaurant’s food are still as yummy as before! 😀

Hmmm… These are the dishes  we ordered…

Note: I already wrote something about this day at my other site. You can check my post there, if you want.

Lunch was comprised of…

Chicken Pandan [Rating: 8/10]


Chicken Halang2x [Rating: 10/10]


Puso Salad [Rating: 9/10]


Then we went out for a while and had coffee.  When night time came, we went back there to have dinner. 😀


At dinner we had…

Pork Sinigang [Dona’s Rating:   ]


Sago at Gulaman


Calamari [Rating: 10/10]


Pancit Guisado


Crispy Pata [Rating (from memory): 10/10]

In case you guys have forgotten, I don’t eat red meat anymore. However, I could still remember how yummy this dish was.  And judging from the girlfriends’ moans about this dish when they were eating it, I think it is still as delicious as before.


Chicken Barbecue [Rating: 9/10]


I was with these beautiful ladies.


Donabel with yours truly


I had a great time that day. And I spent it with such lovely people, too. 😀


Bon apetito, everyone!



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