Yummy Noodles at Chowking

These days, my Papa and I just buy some takeout or simply eat out. Cooking for just the two of us just seems too much hassle sometimes. Now, I know this sounds depressing but it’s actually fun. We get to choose and eat anything we want, as long as we can afford it of course… and as long as there’s some “red-meat-free” dish. 😀 So last Sunday, Papa and I ate too much during siesta that we didn’t feel like eating heavy for dinner. So we decided to just have some noodles at Chowking Fuente.

My Chicken Noodles with a bit of Chilli Sauce [Rating: 10/10]

Papa eating his Wanton Noodles with a lot of Chilli Sauce [Rating: 10/10]… Seriously, I asked. He liked the fact that he discovered something new… that putting chilli sauce in your soup makes it more delicious. Hehehe. He has my slingbag shift people to thank for that.  😀

The Chowking crew

Customers… and this was around 11:00 pm… business is clearly good


It was a pretty good dinner. And after that we visited the bootleg DVD shops around Fuente Circle.

Itadakimasu, everyone!



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