A Stint at Don Henrico’s

I had this dinner months ago.  That day, my baby sister had a sudden hankering for pizza and since I didn’t have anything else to do, I didn’t hesitate to accept her invite to go out to dinner. Naive me, I just didn’t think Don Hen’s would still be as ridiculously expensive as the last time I was there. I blame my seemingly approaching “old age” for this blunder. Hahaha! Well, the food was all right… and my sister had some promo coupons, which was the reason we went there in the first place. 😀

I still think they’re too expensive but then I believe their tiramisu made up for the “expensiveness” of the other dishes. Yes, it definitely did! What I’m trying to say is that it was amazingly yummy! If I ever decide to hazard eating there again, my first order would be for their tiramisu. Hehehe. Well at least my nieces had a great time trying to give us adults minor heart attacks by running all over the place and bothering other diners.

*F O O D*

City Garden Tossed Salad [Rating: 8/10]

Chicken Fingers with Fries [Rating: 9/10]

Vegetable Pizza [Rating: 8/10]

To-Die-For Tiramisu [Rating: 20/10]

*My Peeps*

My cutie niece Caitlin kissing her Ate Erin

My littlest niece Ashlin kissing her mommy … or shall I say, pretending to

Am I going to hazard eating there again? Maybe… if it’s somebody else’s treat. Hehehe.

Bon apetito, everyone!


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