Weekend Dinners with Some Lovely People

Who would have thought that someone as “antipatika” as I am would have lots of great friends. But someone as “antipatika” as I am do. Isn’t that weird? … and great? (for me, that is) There must be something in my hyperactive and sometimes tactless and tattler-y manner that some people could approve of. I actually never ask people why they consider me a friend. I guess I’m afraid that if I ask them, they might realize they shouldn’t have befriended me at all. Yes, that’s the cynic in me talking. Anyway, what this post should really be talking about is food, right? Well, I’ve been so busy with knitting, crocheting, Sunday art class, photo blogging, and work that I haven’t been too visible here. However, since I have taken pictures of food lately, I was thinking I should at least make some appearance here. So here I am, typing but actually going blank on what to say exactly. This could be due to a shot of caffeine I just had. My head is going a mile a minute and vastly blank at the same time. Haha! Serious now… I just had dinner with friends for the last two weekends, which is great because I don’t have much of a social life.

April 23; I had dinner with high school friends at our other high school friend’s restobar, Iamik’s Chicken and Beer. You might have heard of the place because I have made a previous post about  it. The place serves only chicken dishes at the moment, but they are so yummy that you could disregard the limited menu. Yes Spine, that’s a compliment. Hehe. I was there because Joan dragged me with her. She was there because she needed to meet with Dona and the “Singapore trip clique”.  And yes, I’m jealous. I’m jealous because I don’t have enough moolah for even the plane fare to go there.  Anyway,… I usually take tons of pictures but I have since calmed a bit in that area. And due to the presence of a previous post, I only took a picture of the food I ordered… which was

Chicken Round #3 [Rating: 10/10]

It was yummy! Joan and Dona kept asking if I was really sure that it was what I wanted while giving me skeptical looks. Hahaha! Yup, it was spicy as hell (or at least something that came from there) but the “spicy-ness” is half of what makes it delicious so there were no regrets with the decision whatsoever.

and Chicken Sisig [Rating: 10/10]

Girlfriends having a night out… fun, fun, fun!

Ate Juliet and Dona

(incidentally, it was Ate Juliet’s birthday and so we did have something to celebrate that night :D)

Mommy, Ate Juliet, and Dona

Pam and Joan

Atan, Marinell, and Dona (Yes, Atan could be a girlfriend when it’s necessary. Right, Tan? haha!)


April 30; I had dinner with Yam and Chin at Sunburst – Ayala Terraces.  It was funny because Chin chose the place but she didn’t know where the heck in Ayala it is. So Achinette. Hahaha!  We played major catch up because I used to see these two every day and now I don’t anymore. It’s actually a little depressing to contemplate but I guess I just have to deal with it. It’s what adults do, right?… deal with unpleasant things… *sigh Another reason was I needed to deliver Yam her presents so it was also sort of a late and a bit downplayed birthday dinner. Well, on to the dinner… we didn’t actually order much. I can hear someone asking “Are you gals watching your figures?” Uhm, no! Judging by the way I’ve been wolfing down sweets and ice cream lately, defintely not. And I don’t think Yam and Chin need to do any “dieting” because I think they look great. Yes Chin, you definitely do not look chubby. Besides, I think we just wanted more time to chat than eat that night. Well, that’s what I’d like to think anyway. In fact, according to Yam, I know a lot of “chismis” about mutual friends so we did a lot of “chismis-ing”. Hahaha. Yam and Chin ordered …

Sunburst Chicken a.k.a Ribkeel

while I ordered…

Sizzling Bangus [Rating: 9/10]

A few minutes after our orders came and we took pictures of the food, Chin got bitten by the camera bug and started asking for pictures. More specifically, she asked me to take pictures… of her. Hahaha. I miss this girl’s bossy ways jud sometimes.



Ley pretending Vet’s gift was his to give… hahaha (Ley came to make an appearance… kinda like something a celebrity does, right? Chin certainly thought so. :D)

Chin, Yam, and moi


Yes, who would have thought I’d have such lovely people to call my friends. I guess people like me just get lucky sometimes. 😀


6 thoughts on “Weekend Dinners with Some Lovely People

  1. vet says:

    ironically, you’re the sweetest and most thoughtful person on earth! it’s too bad not too many people see that in you.. yeah, you could be mean, too…hehe…


  2. hahaha… let’s just say that I hear people talk. Well, I think that’s way better than the moniker “wicked witch of the west” anyway. That’s what college school mates used to say when they refer to me. I didn’t know I was that scary. I like Elphaba but green skin? eeck! 😛


  3. You miss me only sometimes? And here I was, thinking you cry yourself to sleep, thinking of me! Hahaha!

    I would’av stayed the night to talk if I hadn’t gotten “fetched”. Let’s do dinner again, with Vet and Cel next time, and a non-celeb appearance by Ley!


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