A Taste of Seoul at Harubang

[The Pizza That Really Was Not – Rating: 09/10]

I have been MIA for a few months now and I apologize for that. Well anyway, sometime last December, my co-workers and I went to this Korean restaurant just for the heck of it. So yes, this is one of those really late posts. And yes, the procrastinator in me, as it always has been and I suspect will be again sometime in the future, was the victor. 😛 I have dropped the lame excuses because I have forgotten most of them and I bet they would only make me “lamer” than I already am. But I digress. Let us go back to the good part, shall we? So there we were, at this restaurant called Harubang in Salinas Drive, Lahug and at that time, Jen and I have been curious about this place for a while. So we just decided to get it over with, go there, and try out the food. But when we stepped inside it actually took us a few minutes to acclimate ourselves and decide where to sit. We were quite a big group so we asked some waiters to help us put together some tables and when we finally sat down, I could feel hunger pangs gnawing at my tummy. Yes, I remember that part. Anything to do with food, or the lack thereof, I usually remember – excluding complicated names of foreign food, of course. To demonstrate, I will now confess that I do not remember any of the names, except for the common kimchi, of the scrumptious food pictures below… (So be warned – “maximum tolerance” required.) But I do remember that the one that looked like a pizza (but was really not… I think) was yummy. Despite the “no red meat” diet, Jen, Cel, and I were still able to fill our tummies that night while the rest of the gang wolfed down the contents of two big woks and several side dishes that most were various kinds of kimchi. So everyone was happy that night,… despite after seeing the bill. Hahaha!

The cute side dishes [Rating: 08/10]

Fresh Veggies [Rating: 08/10] … And no, I didn’t eat that nasty looking pepper. LOL!

Spicy Noodles [Rating: 09/10]

Unknown Dish #1... This had beef so I didn’t eat any of this.

Unknown Dish #2… This had pork and various sausages so I also didn’t get to taste this. It looked yummy though that I got jealous for a bit when I saw the others slurping it.

food’s almost gone! Hahaha!





Cel and Jen

Edwin, Rhea, and Dennis with our waiter



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