Merci beaucoup, Kusina Habana!

I was having such a crappy and painful day yesterday when Mommy Therese suddenly buzzed me on YM. She was asking for our office address. (Thank the Lord I was able to comprehend that amid my dizzy spells.) I wondered why she would want it, but I gave her the address anyway. Then a few hours later, I discovered why. It was such a nice surprise. Yes, I got a really cute and yummy surprise from Mommy Therese and her Kusina Habana gang yesterday. Louise and Nheil (or Nyl :)) delivered the pretty red boxes themselves. ( na shy gud ko, haha) Oh yeah, Ley got one, too.  And yup, they’re pastries… chocolate cupcakes to be exact. They looked so cute that I was giggling inside like a little child when I saw the boxes, more so when I peeked inside.

Have a look-see,…

The “oh so pretty” boxes

took a picture of it again when I got home… 😀

They are so cute and so Christmasy!

Let’s have another look, shall we?

Eating Time!

Just look at the cupcake, s’il vous plait… and no wisecracks.

I was planning on keeping them  forever… or at least until Christmas. Unfortunately, my Papa saw it and I could not tell him I’d rather keep looking at them than eat them. If I did, he’d probably incredulously exclaim, “Would you rather the ants have them then?” LOL! And the cake inside was of course extremely chocolatey and delicious.

Merci beaucoup, Mommy Therese and the Kusina Habana gang.

If anyone wants to get pretty pastries like these, you can visit their site,… and drool over the pictures of lovely cakes they have over there.  Hehehe! As it happens, they also do catering.  So if you have special occasions, you can also call them. I bet they also have delicious dinner dishes.

A sample of a Kusina Habana wedding cake at the latest Kasalang Filipino Exhibit 2009 last month at Ayala Center Cebu (elegantly pretty, ain’t it?)

I heart pastries, especially chocolate ones! 😀

Bon apetit, everyone!


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