A Wedding in Davao City

I attended my first, and I suspect will be the only, Muslim wedding last month. It was also my first visit to Davao City. (Thank you so much for the invite, Ram. :D) Anyway, the wedding was quite colorful, in every sense of the word. I could not stop myself from looking around and staring at either the decor or the pretty dresses of the guests. I so like the traditional dresses of the women that I saw. They were just so colorful and elegantly beautiful. And the food? Well, the food was absolutely scrumptious. I kept shoveling heaps of that chicken dish into my mouth until there was no more room in my stomach for anything else. Well all right, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I was not kidding when I said that the chicken dish was delicious. The fish was also interesting and the dessert was yummy, too. The wedding cake even had about five rounds or more and one had a small replica of a mosque on top. It was quite pretty… even if it was painfully yellow. LOL! We also got a special treat – some special pastries that the groom’s family traditionally brings to the bride’s house brought by men called “damak”. (or is that the name of the pastries?…I forgot. :D) Well anyway, this post is over a month late but since this is sort of just a sequel to a post I wrote in my other blog, I’ll just keep it short.  The place was beautiful, the guests were all pretty (including us… haha), the couple was glowing, the food was great, and the ceremony was lovely.

And here  are the pictures of food and everything else. . .

*The Food*

The wedding cake

The awesome chicken dish that I don’t know the name of

Creamy Soup

“Gingery” Fish

(well, it tasted gingery to me)

Fresh Garden Salad, Chicken Embutido, Mashed Potatoes

(wow, food that I actually recognize… haha)


Special Pastries for the Bride from the Groom

(so sweet, isn’t it? 😛 )

*Everything Else*

The couple with their entourage

The happy couple with Vet, Takuri, Hazel, and Ley

Yam and Ley

Satchmo by the wedding cake

Traditional Musicians

Women in pretty dresses

Souvenir and a Water Goblet

Omideto, Ramesh and Jeehana!


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