Exotic Food from Out of Africa

I haven’t been able to do any updates lately, not because I didn’t have anything to post but because I was swamped… with work and a trip to Davao City for a friend’s wedding. So sorry, guys! You would have known about this cute little place that serves really exotic but nevertheless delicious food a little earlier if I had posted this sooner. Well, here it is at last!

I got invited to my first food tasting stint because of a new friend that Ley and I just met. I’m talking about Dining Cebu’s Jeff. Thank you so very much for the invite, Jeff! Anyway, so there I was on a windy Saturday at McDonald’s Asiatown I.T. Park waiting for Ley because I forgot the name of the place. Or was it because I didn’t exactly hear him when he told me the name? 😀 Moving on. So there I was, sitting outside McDonald’s thinking I was late when I was really the first one there. Haha! When Ley  finally arrived, we had to wait for Jeff because Ley didn’t bother to ask beforehand in which building we could find the restaurant. Well at least he was able to give me the name of the place. Out of Africa. Yup, it is the same phrase that was the title of Meryl Streep and Robert Redford’s movie of the life of Dutch writer Isak Dinesen a.k.a. Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke. Yes, quite a mouthful but I digress. When Jeff finally brought us to the place, which can be found at SkyRise 1 in Asiatown I.T. Park,  and I was able to look at the decor, I grinned. It has zebra print pattern on the walls, another animal print pattern on the couch covers, dancing lanky tribesmen painted above the counter, and other wooden tribe-like decor put up here and there. Cute! So there I was, speechless as I was staring at the whole place and a little hungry because I haven’t eaten anything yet that day. Finally, a few minutes of waiting by the animal print pattern covered couch, the first two dishes arrived. Segue, I waived my “no red meat” diet that day so I could have first hand knowledge about how the dishes taste like. 😀 And now the food . . .

Traditional Pumpkin Soup – Creamy pumpkin with African spices – PhP 60 per bowl

[Rating: 8/10] It tasted like squash, and that is all I’m going to say. LOL!

Out of Africa Flame Grilled  Chicken Burger with Cheddar Cheese

– Juicy chicken breast topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, smothered in honey BBQ sauce with melted cheddar cheese and french fries – PhP 115 (add 15 for beverage)

[Rating: 8/10]


– African style bread with three sauces (african bbq sauce, creamy garlic, creamy pepper) – PhP 65 for 10  pieces

[Rating: 10/10] I love bread! And all the dips were yummy but the pepper-y one was superb.

Out of Africa Dude Burger

– Steak, melted cheddar  cheese, lettuce, tomato, honey BBQ sauce and french fries  – PhP 180 (add 15 for beverage)

[Rating: 8/10]

Pork Chop with citrus glaze – PhP 120

[Rating: 10/10] It was one of the yummiest and most tender meat I ever tasted… even if it was pork.

African Pork Ribs

– Honey basted BBQ spare ribs served with corn and rice – PhP 160

[Rating: 8/10]

Out of Africa Kebabs

– 2 pcs chicken or pork mixed with vegetables and rice on sidings – PhP 89

[Rating: 9/10]

Adobong Buaya – PhP 220

[Rating: 9/10] … it was really tender and tasted like a fusion of chicken and pork

Flame Grilled Chicken – PhP 110 for 2 pieces

[Rating: 8/10]… it tasted just like that grilled burger 😀

Out of Africa House Salad – PhP 120

[Rating: 8/10]

Sizzling Bangus – PhP 70

[Rating: 10/10]  It was really yummy! 😀

Out of Africa Melts

– Delicious deep fried, breaded chicken strips with cheese; served with rice, vegetable siding and corn – PhP 95

[Rating: 10/10] It was deliciously crunchy.  And thinking about it makes me hungry!

Note: There was also a Deer Stew, but I was not able to take pictures of that before the waiter transferred it to another table and people started eating it. 😦  Such a slowpoke, I know. Anyway, I’m a little ambivalent about that dish. It was stringy and looked like beef but it smelled a little funny (funnier than beef). But then what should have I expected? Hahaha! We Pinoys do not exactly grow up eating deer meat now, do we? So yes, of the whole “enchilada”, it was the most exotic dish I ever tasted that day. Too bad about the picture, I’ll try to rectify that in the future. 😀

Deer Stew

[Rating: 7/10]

Oh yeah, they also have ostrich meat, but the chefs were not able to prepare any ostrich dishes at that time, we didn’t have any more time, and we, the tasters, were so stuffed that we decided to sample that another day. (That’s a hint to Miss Helen. *wink)

Peeps and some cute decor

Our new friend, Jeff


Disclaimer: The fries were delicious. It was the thought of being photographed that was the reason for the face.

Ley, borrowing Q

Miss Helen, the owner

Now the owner of the place (who was super nice) told us that their place is relatively new and they’re still trying to experiment with some of the dishes in their menu. Because of this, they asked us our opinion of the dishes so they could be improved, if they needed improvement that is.  And they, the owner and the chefs, really listened too! A really great advice for restaurant owners – listening to suggestions from people who eat their food, don’t you think? Well, I had a great time that Saturday, sampling all those lovely food they served us. I got really stuffed, too… as usual. LOL!

So for anyone who is looking for something new for their bored palate, go to Asiatown I.T. Park, look for the SkyRise 1 building and visit Out of Africa Pub and Bistro.  They serve almost all the existing palatable meat there is and they have salads for vegans, too.

A huge thanks to Jeff for dragging us with him and to Miss Helen  and her chefs for the lovely food. 😀

Bon Apetito, everyone!


10 thoughts on “Exotic Food from Out of Africa

  1. The grilled chicken burger looks delicious. I really like chicken burger and I think this one will be an outstanding one, like the chicken burger in KFC. They have a crunchy and tasty chicken in the whole country. That’s why KFC (Kapag Friend Chicken) are remembered by people.

    Call center guys in manila always prefer KFC to have their break time (before smoking)..

    Moving back to African burger, I think that was awesome. Is there any out of Africa restaurant in manila?


  2. hi line 😀

    thanks for posting this… i’m sure helen would be happy about the libreng promotion hehehe…

    but to be fair with, Out of Africa has some must-try exotic dishes… still can’t get over the crocodile steak and those porkchops, and the chicken burger.. and daghan pa! gigutom ko balika dah 😀


    • oops, i forgot where I put one of the flyers I got from Helen… but their place is quiet easy to find and last time I passed by there I saw they now have a name put up outside… this restaurant is at SkyRise 1 in Asiatown I.T. Park and if i remember correctly, if you’re facing the building, they’re on the right side 😀


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