Revisiting Postrio

I haven’t been to this place in a while. And so when Mommy Therese (mao na akong nickname sa iya…hope she doesn’t mind :D)asked where we could go for coffee and dessert after dinner, all I could think of was Postrio. I used to visit their BTC branch for their yummy pastries almost every day because they have such pretty food. Yes, one of the main things I like about their pastries is the presentation. I don’t even remember how they delicious, or not, they were. All I remember is that whenever I visit their shop and I look around, almost all of their food look so delicious, as if they were calling out to you, enticing you to take a bite. Sounds a bit kinky, but I’m serious. Their pastries do look pretty. Anyway, when we went there, we bought four desserts and all of us shared them. And oh yeah, they were all Mommy Therese’ treat, too. However, since I was already full by the time we got there, I only took nibblets from all four. I can’t really say they were all good. I only liked three out of the four desserts that we got (the two because of the ice cream and the one because of the fruits… shallow, I know! :P).  But the four sure did look all pretty. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the names so I would only be putting the ratings. Bon appetit!

[Rating: 9/10] … because I like chocolate and ice cream

[Rating: 8/10] … because I like ice cream

[Rating: 8/10] … because I like fruits

[Rating: 6/10] … because I couldn’t really understand anything else but the cheese

… it was cheese, right?

More pictures

Akio’s bike hogging the spotlight


Akio playing

Bon appetit!


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