At Red Kimono with Mommy Therese

I just met this pretty amazing mommy and her name is Therese. She has her own business and she has a cute little boy who reminds me so much of my nephew… and she has another tyke on the way, too! Not to mention, she just treated some strangers, albeit witty ones (daw… hehehe!) to dinner last week at this newly opened Japanese restaurant at the Ayala Terraces.  Told you she was amazing. 😀 She’s actually one of Ley’s MCPB fans and she liked his site so much, she invited him to dinner just so she could meet him in person before she goes back to the U.S.  (Sabit ra ko kay shy daw si Ley… hmmm, a big “daw”) Yes, she lives there, but she’s a 100% Filipina, and a pretty one at that.

When Mommy Therese told Ley she wanted to invite us to dinner, Ley hesitated only for as long as it took me to say “yes” to free food. Hahaha! And so on that Thursday night, right after work, we went to Ayala to finally meet the lady who’s been sending Ley yummy pastries. Oh, did I forget to mention that she is the one who owns, the one who’s been sending Ley sinfully delicious cakes and brownies. And yes, her pastries are yummy.  Well, I only tasted the brownies, and there are no words to describe just how delicious those brownies were. Seriously!

So now let us go back to the dinner. When the clock at the office struck six, Ley and I promptly went to Ayala to meet up with Mommy Therese and her gang there. We thought it would be hard to find the place because we have not seen it before that night but luckily we found it quite easily. And about an hour later, we finally were able to get a vacant table that could accommodate all of us (for we made up quite a large party) inside the restaurant. Then we settled in our seats and gave a waitress all our orders.

Mommy Therese and our friendly waitress

Petite and Mimi

Petite, Mimi, and Kaith

Wacky Akio

A few more minutes later, the yummy food started arriving.

Crunchy Tuna Maki [Rating: 10/10]

California Maki [Rating: 9/10]

Miso Soup [Rating: 8/10]

Chicken Teriyaki [Rating: 9/10]

Torikatsu [Rating: 9/10]

Katsudon… I think [Rating: 8/10]

Prawn Tempura [Rating:9/10]

Beef Teppanyaki … I think [Rating: 8/10]

Mango Juice

Iced Tea


Facing plates of pretty Japanese food, I subtly stuffed my mouth with them. Unfortunately, I doubt it went unnoticed though. LOL! And when the last of the plates arrived, I was already feeling my waist growing. Sounds gross, I know. I just couldn’t help it. I couldn’t say “no” to them. I even had a bite, just a bite I assure you, of the beef and pork dishes despite my  “no more red meat” vow, and the itchy tempura despite my allergies. Sorry, but after I tasted them, I still couldn’t bring myself to feel any regret from taking those “forbidden” bites. In fact, I wanted to eat more! I could just imagine Cel and Jen cringing at that. Hahaha! Sorry guys. Well, after that delicious dinner, the group decided to take pictures just for the heck of it. 😀 Actually, we just wanted to get some visual souvenirs. Hehehe! Unfortunately, before we took group pictures, Mimi and Kaith already took off to buy something at the grocery store before it would close for the day which is why they’re not in the pictures below. 😦

Akio again

Dinner was done and everyone was stuffed and any normal person would assume that the night would be done. But… Mommy Therese decided we should go for dessert before calling it a night. Yay!!! However, since this post is already too long I think it would be good advice to put the “dessert stint” in another post.

So for now,…  Itadakimasu! 😀


3 thoughts on “At Red Kimono with Mommy Therese

  1. Thanks for doing this review. I’ve been dying to try Red Kimono ever since it opened. Now, I can’t wait till payday so I can finally have a taste of their food.


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