A Deliciously Unplanned Dinner At Red Ribbon

Yes, I am still one of the great… procrastinators, that is. Haha! You see, my friends and I had this dinner a week ago, last weekend to be exact. We went to Red Ribbon at SM City and had a little pseudo payday dinner there. I have always been a fan of this shop because I love their pastries. Actually, I am in love with anything that has sugar in it. You could say I have a major sweet tooth… or several sweet teeth? (that doesn’t sound right… *pained look*) Anyway, I have been eating sporadically here for years but I have only written about one of their cakes and so I thought it’s high time I give the place a proper post. Well then, here it is.

It all started when Jenny wanted to make some inquiries about getting a mobile phone plan at SM. And because she has always been a little shy, she asked Cel to accompany her.  When I heard they were going to SM, I invited myself and decided to tag along under the guise of wanting to buy some yarn. Kidding! I really was planning to buy some yarn and since there is also a Country Crafts Shop at SM, I thought “This could not just be some coincidence. I believe this is fate.” Corny, I know. Obviously, I was bored.  Well, after we finished with the inquiries, Ley (who went home early that day to go to a doctor, I think, because he was sick) texted us and asked if we were going to have dinner at the mall. When he found out that we were, he asked us to wait for him. A few minutes later, Ley arrived while Jen, Cel, and I were ordering some food at Red Ribbon (because we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go for dinner). After we ordered our food, I had to make a quick run to the supermarket to buy a box of noodles. And no, I am not addicted to instant noodles, it was for the relief drive my high school classmates were having for the Ondoy victims. When I got back, the three of them were already eating. I was thinking, “No, my pictures!!!” Good thing I left my camera behind and so Ley was able to take pictures for me. Yay! It was a relatively short dinner actually, but dinner with officemates is always a treat because then you could gossip about your other officemates with just the slimmest chance of them overhearing the conversation. Hahaha! Joke, joke, joke! So there we were, we just ate and talked, and ate and talked some more. It was a short dinner but nevertheless we had fun because we had delicious food, slices of even more delicious cake, and good gossip … ahem, company. What I meant to say was  “company”. 😀

Ley’s Chicken Pops and Carbonara [Ley’s Rating: 10/10]

I didn’t even need to ask him about this because this guy has been eating the exact same dish for weeks now, so obviously he’s crazy about it. LOL!

Bangus ala Pobre [Rating: 9/10]

Us girls ordered the same dish but I haven’t exactly asked Jen and Cel about their opinion about this. However, I suspect Cel’s rating would be 10/10. Right, Cel? 🙂

Drinks – Coke and some Juice

Dulce de Leche [Rating: 10/10]

Some roll…forgot what it was. Sorry!

Chocolate Mousse [Rating: 10/10]





Cel and Jen

That is all, I think. Yes, that is all.

Bon apetito, everyone! 😀


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