MCPB Celebration at The Terraces: Mooon Cafe

Last month, a friend’s internationally popular blog (*wink wink) reached a million in stats.

Happy Million Hits, MCPB! Yay!

And because we are such good friends, we persuaded him to commemorate the event with a celebratory dinner. Yes, Leylan of My Cebu Photo Blog got the much awaited millionth visit from fans. I’m not kidding, I really mean “fans”. He was so excited about the whole thing that he actually told me about it the day before it happened. Psychic? I’m not so sure about that. Hahaha!

Well anyway, when we decided to have dinner, it was that time of month when a working girl (or boy) is on her (or his) last twenty-peso bill or something.  So to avoid “mamokong” a few days before our payday, we all agreed to volunteer Glenn’s plastic again for the celebratory dinner. Merci Beaucoup, Glenda! There we were, in our office, waiting for 6pm and when it did arrive, we still have not decided where to have dinner. We decided to wing it and just convene at the currently popular The Terraces in Ayala. Oh yeah, I forgot my camera (again!) and so I had to go back home and get it, before I was able to set foot in Ayala. On my way to the mall, the group informed me that they were waiting outside the ala Mexican place “Mooon Cafe”,   and so that was where I ordered my feet to take me when I got off the taxi. I know, I know! What the heck was I doing in a taxi when I’m supposed to be broke. Never mind that. 😀

When I arrived, Glenn and Ley audibly sighed. Apparently, they were so hungry and was unable to disturb their food because they were waiting for me. Actually, it was because I told them not to eat before I got there, so I could take pictures of the food before they attack it. Hahaha! Sorry guys! The first thing I spied was Ley’s food, Chicken Mozzarella Melt. I thought it was the dish I ordered the last time I was there, Fish Mozzarella Melt. Honestly, they looked the same to me. Anyway, when I took my camera out the bag, Ley, Glenn, and Rhea had big toothy grins on their faces. I bet they were thinking, “At last, we can eat!” or maybe “Yay! Picture, picture!” So I quickly took pictures of their food before I ordered my own dinner. *Phew!

When I was finally able to sit down and have a look at the menu, I was already feeling a bit hungry.  I got the Spaghetti ala Mooon, Chicken Flautas, and Ley asked if we could split a plate of Quesadillas Uno. Yes, there I go again, “over ordering”. I just muttered to myself, “Glenn doesn’t mind the bill as long as you pay him when the credit card bill arrives.” Or so I was trying to convince myself. LOL! Seriously, Glenn does not mind because he knows we’ll pay him…. because if we don’t, he’ll pester us about it. *Peace Glenn!

The Delicious Dishes […ohhh, that rhymes! :D]

Glenn’s Fish Mozzarella Melt [Glenn’s Rating:  ] I liked this dish when I had this for dinner before.  I give this a 9/10… that is if anyone asks me. Hehehe!

Ley’s Chicken Mozzarella Melt [Ley’s Rating: 7/10]… See? Told you they look the same.

Rhea’s Breaded Fish Fillet

Jenny and Cel’s Tuna Bellies [Cel’s Rating: 8/10, Jen’s Rating: ]

Vegetable Pizza [Rating: 8/10] The dressing was really yummy.

Quesadillas Uno [Rating: 9/10] I like cheese.

Spaghetti ala Mooon [Rating: 8/10] Actually, I had colds that day and it was one of the few dishes that my dulled taste buds could actually taste.  And surprisingly, I did not mind the peanuts. 🙂

Chicken Flautas [Rating: 8/10] Yummy on the inside but the wrap was a little too hard for my poor gums. Hehehe!

Sopa con Papa [Cel’s Rating: 10/10]

Piña Colada [Rating: 9/10]


Glenn… a.k.a. Glenda 🙂

Ley and Cel

Jenny and Ley

Rhea, Jenny, and Ley… Yes, Ley is a cam whore. LOL!

Glenn, holding up the menu for me, albeit all too gladly…  Hehehe!

Anyways, we had a great dinner that night. Glenn was endlessly praising the vegetable pizza, Ley could not get enough of the quesadillas and salsa, Rhea was nodding all the while she was munching her food, Jen and Cel could not help but look dismayed at the size of the huge Tuna Bellies on their plates, while I could not help but ask for help finishing all the food I ordered. Hahaha! As always, having dinner at Mooon Cafe did not disappoint us. They still have great food, whichever branch you may go to. And so I still highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for good food in lovely old Cebu. 😀

Oh yeah, Happy Million Hits, MCPB… again! 😀  And buen apetito, everyone!


11 thoughts on “MCPB Celebration at The Terraces: Mooon Cafe

  1. marichu says:

    thank you for dinning in Maam. Sir…

    im one of the waitress in MOON CAFE,,

    ,,nice kaayu pag ka kuha sa pictures…

    ***********GOD BLESS***************


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