A Date at The Old Spaghetti House

Once a year, our (Vet‘s and mine) lovely insurance agent, Mademoiselle Ludy, invites us to dinner to just say “Howdy?” I swear, she is one of the most charming, talkative, assertive, and well-poised people that I know … and I know a lot. Yes. Surprisingly, I have a lot of friends despite my seemingly unfriendly demeanor. Hehehe! Did I mention she was charming? Yup, she can charm you into buying several policies at one time (that is, if you could afford it) without you realizing it until after you get the bills. Hahaha! No wonder she’s such a successful agent. And it doesn’t hurt that she can bluntly tell you about your flaws in the nicest way possible that you wouldn’t even dream of being offended. I kid you not! Personally, I think she’s a walking marvel… a dynamo, albeit a cute petite one.   [pictures of food and peeps below]

Well this year, Miss Ludy invited us to dinner at the Old Spaghetti House in SM City Cebu. Coincidentally, it was also the space that Roma Mia occupied when we had dinner there a year ago. Hhmmm… what happened to Roma Mia diay? Anyway, Miss Ludy said she chose the place because it usually doesn’t have much of a crowd. However, I bet she just remembered that Vet likes Italian food. Right, Vet? *wink* All right, I confess. I love Italian food, too, so I didn’t think twice about accepting her invitation. Unfortunately, my prematurely aging head got the better of me again and I forgot about the dinner until Vet informed me about the time that very morning. So, unsurprisingly, I forgot my camera. Darn head! (Grazie for the photos diay, Vet!) Well anyway, when we arrived at the restaurant after our shift at the office, Miss Ludy was already there, patiently sitting at one of the corner tables. I like corner tables. You can safely spy on people when you sit at corner tables. 😀 But I digress, what I really wanted to say was that there she was, waiting for us while Vet and I sported sheepish smiles for being a little late because of rush hour traffic. Thankfully, she tactfully did not mention it and just welcomed us like we haven’t seen each other for a year, which was actually the case. Hahaha! When we sat down, we waited a while for Vet’s sister and her officemate. Apparently, they are Miss Ludy’s clients as well. While we were waiting, I silently checked out the place and found that they have old things stuck on their walls. The word that came to mind was “quaint!” I remember I saw an old tennis racket and a picture of Elvis on the wall nearest us. They made me smile, especially seeing the pretty Mr. Presley.

A few minutes later,  Cheryl (Vet’s sister) and her friend Jen finally arrived and we finally felt ready to order some food. I had worked up an appetite and had decided to order some pasta with fish fillet while Vet ordered Pork Fillet with Mushroom and Cheese, Cheryl got Classic Lasagna, her officemate ordered the same dish as Vet’s, and Miss Ludy a plateful of  Seafood Marinara. We, except for Vet, all had bottomless iced tea, I think. Vet sipped 7up. (Man! It’s been a while since I saw Fido Dido and it was quite a nice shock to see that dude on Vet’s soda can. :D)

Miss Ludy’s Seafood Marinara [I think she liked it because I didn’t hear any complaints about it. :D)

Cheryl’s Classic Lasagna [Forgot to ask her what she thought… besides I felt it would be a bit impertinent of me to ask her… na shy daw, LOL!]

My Pepper-Crusted Fish with Spaghetti in Sun-dried Tomato Pesto [Rating: 7/10]… it was all right, but a little bland…and the pepper bits were a bit annoying. Oblivious me didn’t expect them to be so.

Vet and Jen’s Pork Fillet with Mushroom and Cheese [Vet’s Comment… this is not verbatim ha – “Yummy but I still don’t like herbs.” Hehehe!… for an exact review from Vet, refer to her disclaimer below. :D]

Vet’s 7up

Bottomless Iced Tea!


Miss Ludy and Vet

Cheryl and Jen

While we waited for our food, we had girl talk galore. We talked about mutual acquaintances, people only they know, celebrities we all know, and of course, people at the surrounding tables. LOL! And no, we didn’t gossip. We just commented… All right, we gossiped a teeny tiny bit. So what? We’re girls. Isn’t that sort of a given when you have dinner with girlfriends? Well anyway, after a few minutes, our food arrived and we settled down a bit to chow down the food while we continued talking at the same time. After we finished our meals, we talked some more and when the bill was settled, we realized it was getting a bit late and so we said our goodbyes. Miss Ludy mentioned that it might be nice if we have dinner again soon, and not wait for a year before doing it again. Hmmm… Yes, hear that barely audible moaning? That’s me wishing for just that. Kidding, Miss Ludy!

We had quite a good night that evening. Friends and Italian food will always hit that proverbial spot, I guess.

Well, bon apetito, everyone!


7 thoughts on “A Date at The Old Spaghetti House

  1. vetlongwalks says:

    disclaimer: the food i ordered was yummy [if you have no problems with herbs and that annoying “anise???” taste].. but again as line pointed out, i’m not much of a fan of herbs.. quite ironic actually as i love italian [well, mostly pasta], but just couldn’t develop the taste for their herbs]… the herbs doesn’t stop me from tasting yummy pastas though…hehehe


    • Hhmmm… thanks for the compliment about my blog … but I did not actually create this theme. 😀 It is just one of the free themes here in wordpress. I think this guy is the one who made this theme: http://wpthemes.info/ … You can also click the link on the word “Sadish” at the bottom of the page.


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