Chows in Famous Singapore

Two of my friends recently took a short trip to Singapore. Yes, I might have mentioned that in my previous post. All right, I mentioned that Vet was about to go on a trip to Singapore in my previous post. And yes, I was jealous… just a teensy bit. Anyway, when Ley heard that Vet was going to visit the famous city with the Merlion, he happily mentioned that Satchmo would like to be their tiny and quiet travel mate. Vet laughed and just nodded. She likes that wanderlust-stricken cow. It was also around that time when Satchmo invited himself that I remembered to ask Vet to take pictures of food trips they were going to have in Singapore, so I would have something new to post. πŸ˜€ My budget has been losing its race with my debts these past few months that I rarely find extra money to eat out. Hence, the lack of posts. So to remedy that particular problem, I have been rummaging my old photo albums of old food pictures that I might not have used… and I’ve also decided to ask friends to take food pictures for me so I can write food reviews for them. πŸ˜€ Unfortunately, I cannot mentally link my mind to theirs while they’re eating (hmmm… that would be quite a strange power now, wouldn’t it?) so the ratings in those would be theirs and not mine…naturally.

Now, this picture was taken by Vet at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Predictably, the pasta is Vet’s while the sandwich with the colorful salad on the side is Dencio’s.

Pasta [Vet’s Rating: /10] Dennis said this one’s an 8…or maybe a 7.5…because it’s not sweet daw. Apparently, he wasn’t satisfied with just the sandwich. Kidding! :p

Sandwich with Greens [Dennis’ Rating: 8.5/10] He says he just remembered that he couldn’t taste any turkey from that sandwich…it was supposed to be a turkey sandwich diay? hehe!

So back to Singapore. Vet said that they didn’t dare eat much of the local cuisine because they might not like what they order. (FYI: Vet only experiments when she is with someone who can goad her into experimenting, especially when it comes to her sensitive palate. :D) Naturally, they opted to go to familiar looking places, just to be on the safe side. They went to the famous sandwich maker Subway, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and even McDonald’s. (Vet, you went to McDonald’s? *shocked*) Incidentally, CBTL have more branches than Starbucks in Singapore, a fact that Vet was wondering aloud about when I asked her about their dinners. Oh yeah, she went to Singapore with Dennis, one of our co-workers. And yes, Vet declared that Subway’s food were delicious. And so I’m sitting here nursing bouts of jealousy because we lost our Subway branch in SM City Cebu years ago. So sad, I know. Anyway, let all of us Cebuanos pray that someone will dare to bring Subway here again soon. No kidding, we should all pray that we get a Subway branch here again because I think I never tasted any of their sandwiches while they were here. 😦

Here is the cow who is in love with any camera ( a.k.a. stariray cow) on top of a Subway table napkin.

Dennis, Vet, and Satchmo (that brown spot in Vet’s left hand) at Underwater World

Well anyway, Vet, Dennis, and Satchmo enjoyed their trip and we, their friends, got cute key holders in the bargain. Dennis gave us one, and Vet gave us another, which means I have two! (Sayang Ley didn’t let Satchmo bring any money to buy souvenirs. 😦  I would have had three. Hehe! ) So all is well. πŸ˜€

Bon Apetito!

Postscript: Thank you, Vet and Dennis, for the pictures! πŸ˜€


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