Dinner at the New Roma Mia

It is always nice to revisit places you’ve been to, especially if they serve delicious Italian food. Yes, Vet, Ley, and I went and had dinner at the new Roma Mia at The Terraces – Ayala. I had some mighty craving for Italian food after our annual company outing yesterday and since it was my credit card’s “cut off” date, I willingly volunteered my plastic for the bill – a fact that Ley was more than willing to ditto. LOL!

So after quitting the bus, we made a short stop at the office so Vet could empty her memory card for her trip to Singapore the next day ( I’m here, green with envy) and I could use the bathroom.Β  A few minutes later, we went straight to Ayala Terraces to look for the new Roma Mia, thankfully we found the place quite easily (million thanks to their directories posted all over the place) and immediately found seats. By this time, I had a raging headache, (I suspected it was because of hunger) and Vet was impatiently writing our orders herself to save time. Yes, “Vet the Assertive” strikes again – and I mean that in a good way Vet ha. πŸ˜€Β  When Vet gave our orders to the counter (yes, she brought the paper to the counter herself. When I told you she was assertive, I was not kidding. Hehe!), Ley was looking at the pictures I took at the outing while I was reading a book I have been trying to finish for weeks. It’s actually the last book of the Den of Shadows, but I got kind of bored and so now I have to force myself to finish it. Well, back to the dinner. About ten minutes after Vet gave our order, my potato wedges arrived, and a few more minutes after that, the rest of the food arrived, albeit sporadically, especially with Vet’s penne. She suspected the waiters forgot her order and so we reminded one of the waiters about it. Now, about the food, I guess you could never go wrong with Italian food because we were sporting huge smiles after dinner while rubbing our full stomachs at the same time. Haha.Β  At least I didn’t order too much this time. I think I have since learned how to control my impulse to order anything that sounds delicious on the menu. Thank Zeus! πŸ˜€

Well, here were our pretty and equally delicious food.

My Pomodoro in Spaghetti [Rating:10/10]

Ley’s Chicken Parmegiano [Ley’s Rating:10/10]

This is just a guess since I can’t remember him giving me a rating, but I do remember him saying it was yummy.

Vet’s Penne [Vet’s Rating: 7/10]

She said it was all right, but since she has issues with the white sauce, this dish would never get a perfect rating from her.Β  No, she doesn’t think the sauce was awful, she just has issues with white food. πŸ˜€

Potato Wedges [Rating: 10/10]

Anything that is made of potatoes will always be yummy for me. πŸ˜€

My Lemonade [Rating: 8/10]

It was not freshly squeezed lemonade but at least it was not Nestle. It was a bit too sour though.

Vet and Ley’s Frothy Iced Tea

(“Nestea with some other stuff,” claimed the waiter)

Well,… Bon apetito, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Dinner at the New Roma Mia

  1. Victoria-New York says:

    i really enjoy reading your food blog, you take good pics too.
    the penne looks good. since i’m so predictable i’m a big penne ala vodka fan, delishhhhh, when it’s done the authentic italian way. can’t go wrong with italian food


  2. I absolutely agree, Miss Victoria. You can’t go wrong with Italian food.

    @techiebisaya – I’m planning on trying it myself when I visit the place again. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for visiting my blog guys. πŸ˜€


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