Unscheduled Payday Dinner at Manpuku Bento

It has been quite a while since my co-workers and I have had dinner on a payday. I guess it was just one of those transient traditions that you can never quite seem to hold on to, no matter how hard you wish it to linger. And yes, I am being nostalgic. The “sentimental” side of me has floated up to the surface again . . . or I could just be missing having something worthy to post here. LOL! Oh well, let us go back to the dinner . . . some unbelievably delicious Japanese food. Yes, you read it right, we ate Japanese food. And no, we did not eat raw fish. Yuck! Sorry, Chelle but I never did acquire the palate for raw fish. I remember I tasted it once and I felt like vomiting. Fortunately, the nausea-inducing pink tidbit was drowned in wasabi-infested soy sauce. Haha! That definitely made it tolerable.

Well, I do love Japanese food, sans raw fish, that is. Jenny and Cel love Japanese food as well while Glenn and Rhea willingly let us drag them to that bento place at Ayala without any fuss. We were trying to save so we decided to forgo fine dining for relatively cheaper fastfood. We decided to visit Manpuku Bento again. Yes,”again”… because we have eaten here so many times but I kept forgetting my camera. Last Thursday, however, I brought my camera – for no apparent reason – and so I was able to take pictures of their charmingly decorated and undeniably yummy food. When we arrived at Ayala, I could hardly wait to eat those roe-covered makis, Jenny could not wait to play with a pair of chopsticks, and Cel was positively glowing at the mention of “yasai”. Rhea was Rhea, the proverbially-undecided-until-after-several-pokes Rhea while Glenn just could not wait to eat . . . period. I ordered two servings of maki, a serving of salmon balls, and a plate of yasai. I thought it was just enough for me but apparently, my tendency for ordering too much has not died down despite hard times. Luckily, Glenn was hungry. Haha! Well then, without further ado . . . here they are, our very colorful and sinfully delicious food.

Itadakimasu, everyone! (Man, I miss saying that!)

California maki, Yasai, and Salmon balls! [Rating: 10/10]

Now, for yummier close-ups

California maki


Salmon balls

The quite popular Tuna Teriyaki Bento [Everyone, except for Rhea and yours truly, ordered this. And so, I’ll say it again . . . quite popular . I’ll nickname it “Jap Pop”. Haha!]

Rhea’s Tonkatsu Ramen

[a sort of mishap since Rhea just recently decided to stop eating pork – she did not know that “tonkatsu” literally means “breaded pork cutlet” 😀 …but she ate this because she declared she deemed it a waste of money not to, which was quite right since money is quite scarce these days…and besides, tonkatsu is yummy – take it from the girl who ate nothing but tonkatsu the first few times she ate Japanese food, LOL!]

Lipton Iced Tea from Taters [Rating: 10/10] I absolutely love their iced tea!

*The Peeps*

Glenn, gloomily waiting for the food

Rhea, trying to look like she doesn’t know Jenny was taking her picture…Haha

Cel, trying for the snobby look

Camera shy Jenny

People busy gobbling food


Moi and Rhea ordering our food… Man! Do I look big here or what?! Shhh… don’t answer that!

Itadakimasu again, everyone!!!


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