At MyJoy with Girlfriends

Had dinner with some girlfriends from work last month . Yeah! Yeah! This post is a month old already because I forgot all about it after I posted the pictures on my multiply. Hehehe! Oh well, I’m sure there have not been many changes at MyJoy since then…I think. All right, clearly this is just purely an assumption. Anyway, we had dinner that night to see a former officemate and to deliver some late baptism gifts to her new cute tot. . . Hello, Baby Charlie! And since we where there and we decided to meet at an hour when people’s stomachs are scheduled to growl and make some fuss, we decided to have dinner there as well.  Well, their food has not changed, even though the name has, and so it was no wonder that we enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed the “girl talk”…a.k.a. catching up on some gossip. Haha!

And here they are . . . Delicious Dinners

Grilled Boneless Chicken … was not able to sample this one, but it sure did look yummy

My Grilled Fish [Rating: 9/10]

Mango Shake [Rating: 7/10]

Vet’s Iced Tea and Taco…Vet’s favorite, clearly, since she never forgets to order these when she comes here…Hehehe!

Sizzling Boneless Chicken… this really looked and smelled yummy

Pork Belly… I remember  this was one of my faves when we used to come here often

*The Peeps*

Yam and Vet

Pink Achinette




The Girls

Bon apetito!


5 thoughts on “At MyJoy with Girlfriends

  1. elee says:

    hello ganda naman ng blog mo.

    sarap ng food at ganda ng photography!

    suggest ko lang sana na ilagay mo yung add ng resto, lalo na pag di sya sa mall tapos yung price or pag di mo remember bigyan mo lng ng range yung price para alam namin budget namin papunta dun. bago lang ako dito cebu, salamat!


    • Thanks for visiting. This dinner was at the mall… Ayala, to be exact. And MyJoy is a pretty affordable place, so you don’t have to worry. Most meals are under a hundred pesos. Sorry about not having price lists. I tend to procrastinate and post things really late, and so I usually can’t remember details anymore. I’ll try to do what you suggest next time. 😀


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