Sagada’s Famous Yogurt House and the Not So Welcoming Cafe Saint Joe

My officemates and I decided to go on a trip and spend a week of our hard won holiday vacation in Luzon last month. We had a great time; despite the sore feet, hunger-inducing ticket hunting, and touchy tempers. From Cebu, we landed in Metro Manila, took a bus to Baguio to get a bus to Sagada and from there, took a bus back to Baguio, then went back to Metro Manila for the New Year. *Whew! We were supposed to go to Banaue but we couldn’t find tickets. All the buses to Banaue were booked when we got to the bus terminals. A shame, wasn’t it? And we were so looking forward to seeing, and were also hoping to actually stand on, the infamous rice terraces. Sadly, we were out of luck. Cel kept insisting that she could be the “jinx”. LOL! But I doubt if the gods could have helped us then. There were just too many people thinking the same thing we did, which was to take advantage of the long holiday by quitting the noisy cities and visiting the calm and beautiful province.

Now, when we were in Sagada, we went to this spatially challenged but culinarily great restaurant named Yogurt House. This was one of Vet’s sister’s greatly recommended places. (I think I just successfully confused myself there for a bit. Hehe!) And so after we finally were able to find places to stay for the night, we decided to visit the place for a really late lunch. Unfortunately, there were just too many people clamoring for their food and not enough space to put them in. So they sadly told us that they didn’t have anymore vacant tables and that if we insist on eating there, we would have to wait. We were really so hungry that we decided to go to another place. And so we ended up having lunch at Cafe Saint Joe.

Vet, Rhea, and Cel

A nice looking place with a not so nice crew. I think the waitresses who served us were either too tired to smile or were just typically grouchy. I bet it’s the latter. Anyways, their Fish Sinigang was yummy but the rest of the group were not so pleased with their food. I think Cel, Yam, and I were the only ones who liked our lunch that day. LOL! We three ordered fish (I was still paranoid over that ebola reston outbreak in Luzon piggeries…obviously) while the rest had pork dishes. I didn’t bother taking pictures of their food because they didn’t look nice at all…and I was a bit disappointed with their service. Well anyway, we really wanted to sample the food in Yogurt House that we didn’t letΒ  the incident at lunch deter us from taking a whack at wrangling for tables there again. So, an hour or so before dinnertime, we marched right back to Yogurt House. And what luck! We were able to get tables after only a few minutes of waiting outside in the cold. And so when the owner, I just assumed he’s the owner, informed us of the vacancy, we promptly went inside and scanned their menus, a fact which delighted us after being indifferently informed in Cafe Saint Joe that they didn’t have menus along with the statement that they only serve fish and pork dishes. It took them quite a while to serve us our food, which was understandable because the tiny place was packed. Some even ate their dinners outside in the cold!…by the place’s tiny porch! That’s how popular this place is. Damn the freezing cold, as long as you eat at Yogurt House. LOL!

Anyway, here are our food! (I can hear some people sighing “At last, she gets to the good part!” Hahaha!) I apologize that some of the pictures may be a bit blurry. I have ready excuses for that. It was freaking cold and I was really hungry. πŸ˜€

Pasta and Chicken with French Toast …

Jacky and Ley had the same dish

Jacky’s Rating: 7/10 *She said she liked Juliet’s roasted chicken better. Haha!

Ley’s Rating: 9/10

Uzi’s Beefy Dinner… actually, I forgot what this was called. Β  Didn’t ask him if it was yummy but he looked like he liked eating it… Hehe!

Spicy Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Juliet’s Rating: 10/10

Chop suey

Rhea’s Rating: 9/10

Chicken with Vegetables

*This was Cel’s dish but she said this got overshadowed by the yummy yogurt that she forgot it altogether. LOL! It looked really colorful though. The first word that popped into my head when I saw it was “cute”. Haha!


Vet’s Rating:10/10

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables, Salad, and some deep-fried Taters

Yam’s Rating: 10/10

Curried Vegetables

My Rating: 10/10 *They had some of the nicest looking veggies I’ve ever seen.

And their famous mouthwatering yogurt!

Banana Yogurt!

Yam’s, Cel’s, Rhea’s, and My Rating: 20/10 LOL!

*This one was taken by Yam…with her own D40, of course. πŸ˜€

More pictures . . .

The gang trying to get tables for a late lunch…unfortunately, we had no luck at that time. That’s Ley, standing by the door. And the one staring at the camera is Rhea. She looks annoyed… was just probably hungry, like we all were. Hehe! And that’s Juliet with the pink shirt, Cel wearing green, Yam wearing yellow with Uzi in black. Hala, where’s Vet?

We got inside…at last!

Their sort of Front Desk…beyond this is the kitchen.

Ceiling and Lamps

Waiting for the food

Rhea, Juliet, and Jacky

Ley and Vet

So if you ever visit Sagada, Mountain Province, don’t you dare forget to swing by Yogurt House. They have really delicious food and their service is not so shabby either. And let’s not forget their unforgettable yogurt! It was unbelievably delicious!

Well, Bon Appetito everyone!


16 thoughts on “Sagada’s Famous Yogurt House and the Not So Welcoming Cafe Saint Joe

    • gelline says:

      yeah, they’re not known for the food, but food’s not bad at all, i love their bagnet rice meal served with veggies as a side dish


  1. yeah, cafe saint joe was really a disappointment. but yogurt house was really great. i planned on going back there someday, just for their yogurt. they’ve got the best yogurt i’ve ever tasted! wish they have a branch here in cebu πŸ˜€


  2. kazkazera says:

    we never saw cafe saint joe when we were there..but we were at masferre, the girls arent as friendly too…yogurt house was always jampacked when we were there, we have to be there 9AM just to get lunch hehehe


  3. Fred says:

    Does anyone know what time Yoghurt House opens in the morning. I’d like to have an early breakfast around 6AM so I have more time for activities.



  4. cha says:

    ,,Yogurt house’ food was really great!the pasta,sandwiches and of course the yogurt…i crews are nice…hope makabalik ako dun! by the way we stayed @ ST. Joe & tried eating our luch on their cafe,we we’re not pleased …=(


  5. Rick says:

    about this Yogurt house!! hhmm.. i can say that their food was good but their service is very poor why? because all their staff has an attitude.. i think the management should replace their staff cuz their are not welcoming..they are pretty stupid.. that’s it.


  6. MaryMimi says:

    Attitude of the most senior waitress was so condescending. Staff was so rude you start to wonder what they mix with their yoghurts before serving them to you. We left and paid without eating them.


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