Leftovers at Neo Neo; Jenny’s Late Birthday Bash

This is about another birthday. No, I’m not talking about mine again. Sheesh! Why would I do that?! (LOL!) I’m talking about the birthday of a good friend. Jenny. She had her birthday last November 11, but it was not until the 25th of that month that she agreed to celebrate her birthday. LOL! Anyway, Jenny decided to celebrate her birthday dinner at this relatively new place near Gorordo Avenue called Neo Neo. (I bet the one who named this place has a huge crush on Keanu Reeves’s character in The Matrix that he had to mention the name twice. Peace! Whoever you are. )  I remember this place used to be in Juan Luna formerly known as San Jose dela Montaña Street in Mabolo. I don’t know if it’s still there though. Anyway, this dinner was a bit unplanned, on my side at least. I actually heard that Jenny was planning to have dinner that week and that she planned to have it on Tuesday, which was perfect because it was our payday. However, whether it was due to my forgetfulness or my incredulity over Jen’s invitation, I was not able to bring my camera to work with me that morning. And so I had to go home after work and was so embarrassingly late for dinner. Everyone was actually just finishing their dinner when I arrived. : -(  I was way beyond tardy! But I just told myself that the food was probably too delicious for everyone’s self-control that they were not able to wait for me and my camera before they attacked everything that was edible on that table. LOL! Well I, at least, was able to take pictures of the leftovers. Woohoo! And I actually was able to scrounge some of the leftovers to have some smidgen of a dinner when I got there too. Frankly, I didn’t mind. I wasn’t that hungry at that time anyway and I was more preoccupied with taking pictures to concern myself with the lack of food. Moreover, it was obvious that everybody liked the food, which was the second most important part, right? Right!

Well, here were the proof that the food was too good to be left unscathed  mere minutes of being put on the table! Hehehe!

Shrimp [Gang’s rating: 8/10…8 because there was one left when I got there. Hehe!]

Ginataang Langka [Gang’s rating 7/10…because even though they said it was okay, there were many left]

Barbecue Chicken Bones? [Cel’s rating: 9/10]

Grilled Fish [Gang’s rating: 9/10]

Grilled Pork (sans Ebola Reston virus… Hehe!) [Gang’s rating: 9/10]

Tinolang Isda… este Fish Sinigang  diay [Fish Club’s rating: 10/10]

The Gang

…with the leftovers

Birthday celebrant with her Team Leader


Edwin, Cheryl, and Will

Scandalous Glenn with Junard

Newlyweds Edwin and Cheryl

New parents Don2x and Ai

Rhea with Team Leader Lester…este Toto

In red…Bhong and Jacky

The Gang… Wow! I’m actually here. Hehe!

The Gang…again

The Sign

Despite my lack of a dinner here… Still, Itadakimasu everyone!


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