Teriyaki Boy and I

Celebrating birthdays are entirely fine with me…as long as they are not my own. Yes, I don’t like celebrating my birthdays. And no, I didn’t have any traumatic experience during any of my past birthdays that discouraged me from organizing shindigs to commemorate the day that is supposed to be one of the most important days of my existence. I am just used to not celebrating it. If my Mama were not celebrating her own birthday on the same month, I’d probably forget it altogether. Also, I am not used to celebrating anything involving little old me. (Emphasis on the “little” and “old”…LOL!) The only celebrations I could remember I had were my grade school graduation, which was organized by my over-enthusiastic Mama, and my 19th birthday, which was my sisters’ delayed attempt at celebrating the birthday previous to that.  Moreover, I never really minded that I didn’t have birthday parties. I didn’t even mind that most people in my family often remembers the day over a week later. I never demanded any party or even a cake to celebrate it. However, occasionally, my parents do remember it and would buy ice cream. And I would grab at any excuse for my parents to buy ice cream that I didn’t mind that bit of “celebrating” then at all.  But that was it, the whole enchilada, as they would say. So, there you are. I’ve grown so used to “not” celebrating this day that the thought of celebrating it kind of makes me go, “Eeeck!”

This year, though, was different. My little sister was home for a short vacation and it was also one of the last few days I’d be spending with my kulit nephew Sean. So when my sister suggested that we celebrate my birthday by eating out, I gladly gave in. My sister knows that I like Japanese food so she suggested a new place she spied in Ayala’s new wing, section, or whatever you call it. (The new wing, section, or whatever you call it in Ayala is called “The Terraces”, by the way.) The restaurant my sister brought us to is aptly named “Teriyaki Boy”. Actually, what I heard the first time she told me about the dinner was that the name of the place was “Teriyaki Box” and so that was the name that I boldly asked one of the mall guards about. The guard actually looked blank for a second there and then he exclaimed, “Basig Teriyaki Boy imong boot pasabot, ma’am.” Hahaha! That was hilarious…and embarrassing. Well, there I was, outside the restaurant, thinking my family was already inside when I felt my mobile vibrate. It was my sister, asking me where I was because they had been waiting at the children’s playground for almost an hour.  Another minute fiasco. When we all finally arrived outside the restaurant, we had to wait for about ten minutes for a table. This is what happens if you insist on celebrating  something that is “uncelebratable”. Still, I could never be anything but grateful to Bebe for the dinner. For one, I got introduced to the spanking new “Terraces”. Two, I get to actually spend an entire night with all my kulit but charmingly cute pamangkins. Lastly, I discovered a new place where one can find some really good food. So yeah, I had a blast and for a few minutes there, I actually did not mind “celebrating” my birthday. Just don’t ask me how old I am!

I’ve been really forgetful lately and this was one of those times. I forgot to take a picture of the name, neither the menu nor the sign outside could be found in any of my pictures. *Sigh*

Oh well, here were the food!

California Maki [Rating: 10/10]

I really liked these and was about to order more when my sister Christine shushed me. You see, I tend to overdo it when it comes to ordering food. LOL!

Futomaki [Rating: 9/10]

I decided to deduct a point for them being too big to fit into my mouth in one go. Hehehe

Yakiudon [Rating: 8/10]

I almost was not able to eat any of these because I had to run to the bathroom for a few minutes.

Yakimeshi [Rating: 9/10]

This was a surprise. I’ve never had this before and it was certainly yummy! The bowl was just a tad small.

Yasai Itame [Rating: 7/10]

It was all right, but it still was not as good as that yasai in Manpuku Bento.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken [Rating: 10/10]

My family and I are in agreement with this one. It was delicious! No wonder the waitress called it their bestseller.

La familia!

Caitlin, Sean, and My sister Rachel a.k.a. Bebe

My sister and her son, Sean

Caitlin, Erin, Sean, and Rachel

My other sister, Christine, with her little girl

Everyone, except my papa and I (because we were busy taking pictures), in front of the fountain at “The Terraces”

A solo picture of the fountain (kay stariray pud siya…hehe)

Arigatou gozaimasu, Be… for the dinner…and for remembering. 😀

Itadakimasu, everyone!


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