A Non-Blogger Night at Roma Mia

A late post…all right, a really late post. This dinner happened months ago. A friend invited us “bloggers” to a free dinner at a newly revised local restaurant located at the mall for some free advertising for the said restaurant. However, due to some things I would rather not mention here, this plan was scratched and we ended up having dinner somewhere else, and dishing out money in order to do so. LOL! Vet had some hankering for Italian food so we decided to go to Roma Mia.  My friends and I have dined here at Roma Mia several times already and I have always loved Italian food. However, I think we were short on money when we did this one and I was not very hungry…or so I tried to convince myself, albeit with the help of my really thin wallet… so Vet and I opted to share a plate of delicious calzone and a basket of mozzarella sticks.  Thankfully, Vet offered to pay and who am I, a person who was then devoid of any currency, to argue. Hehehe! I remember I felt happy after this stint so I must have been full when we concluded this particular dinner. Thank you, Vet! Hahaha! Oh well, without further ado, here were the food;

Mozzarella sticks, up close…yummy!

Mozzarella Sticks [Rating: 9/10]

Iced Tea [Didn’t touch this because it’s Nestle! So I had root beer instead.]

We were so hungry by the time the mozzarella sticks arrived that Vet looked drunkenly happy munching on a stick. I was crazily happy myself. (Fortunately, no one took a picture of me! Peace, Vet! :D) LOL!

Yam, with her pasta. Yummy, Yam? Hehehe!

Ley’s Pasta and Chicken… I wonder why he was suddenly shy here. He actually refused to look at my nice Nikon D40. Hhmmm…

Mine and Vet’s Calzone [Rating: 9/10]

The inside of our Calzone! Looks really yummy…was really yummy to eat , too!

Bon Apetito!


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