The “No Picture Taking” Incident at Spice Fusion SM Northwing

My sister just arrived from Canada last Tuesday and so my family and I have been eating out more often than usual. Now yesterday, we decided to go to SM and do a little shopping. And since we were already there, we opted to have dinner in one of the fine restaurants at SM City Cebu’s latest section, the Northwing. I asked our “guest of honor” which restaurant should we choose and she got curious of the name “Spice Fusion” and so we went there.

My little sisters and their kids

We waited for about ten minutes to get a table and maybe twenty minutes more before some of our food managed to arrive. I was ecstatic because the first to arrive was our soup. It was a creamy Seafood Soup and it was absolutely delicious. And it was perfect timing since I was feeling the beginnings of a migraine which I suspected was due to hunger. We attacked the soup like hungry wolves and got more excited when we spied more plates of food a few minutes later. Unfortunately, our table was not large enough to accommodate all our food and still they kept coming! Oh no! My father and sisters stared right at me with questioning looks. And the only thing I could do was give them a sheepish grin. I have done it again. I got carried away by the delicious-looking pictures and was not able to halt my tongue before I could realize my mistake. And here I thought that I put a stop to that bad habit. Obviously, I was mistaken. My little sister, who was actually going to pay for the whole enchilada, just smiled and reassured me that it was all right while I just kept apologizing and giving everyone sheepish grins. *Sigh… Oh well, let’s go back to the food. When the food started arriving, I was taking pictures like crazy because I wanted to get some good pictures before they were attacked. However, after I managed to take pictures of about a couple of dishes, an employee of the restaurant went to our table and sternly asked me to stop taking pictures of the food. Apparently, taking pictures of their food is not allowed. I was surprised, but I apologized nonetheless and stopped clicking my camera. I may be trigger happy with my camera but I can still respect the wishes of the establishment. And so, I would only be posting the faces of members of my family, both the “cute” and the “not so cute”. Hehehe! I may have a couple of food pictures but I have decided not to post them so I could be sure that I would not be stepping on anybody’s toes. Suffice it to say that my family and I had a great delicious dinner, albeit with a lot of leftovers, much to the chagrin of my arbitrarily frugal father.

Now, I will try to rate the dishes according to how I remember it and I will also try to describe how they look since, as I’ve already mentioned, I will not be posting any of their pictures.

Creamy Seafood Soup [Rating: 10/10] It had a thick creamy soup with two kinds of shellfish, some shrimp, mushrooms, and some spices. I’m allergic to shrimp, but it was so delicious that I was willing to overlook that fact.

Calamares [Rating: 7/10] Squid rings covered with some batter served with a little bowl of sweet chilli sauce. It tasted just like any other calamares from other restaurants, but it wasn’t really bad.

Nasi Goreng a.k.a. Bagoong Rice [Rating: 9/10] Fried rice with a dollop of bagoong on top of a pile of cucumber slices on one side and a fried egg “sunny side up” on the center. Despite my allergies, I’ve always been fond of this dish, this restaurant’s version of this dish in particular.

Beef Fried Rice [I apologize if I cannot rate this, I decided not to sample this dish because I wanted the Bagoong Rice. LOL!] Fried rice with bits of beef and some sliced green onion leaves. It looked delicious and I was barely able to control myself from taking a spoonful of it.

Chicken Curry [Rating: 10/10] Chicken with big slices of potatoes in a thick and creamy curry sauce.
It was supremely delicious, and my sisters absolutely agree with me on this.

Curried Vegetables [Rating: 9/10] Slices of various vegetables in a slightly thick curry soup that was a little hot and spicy. It had cabbages, slices of string beans, okra, and some other vegetables I don’t know the names of. Sorry! Well anyway, it was pretty yummy but it was not as “curryful” and as creamy as the chicken curry.

Coffee Grilled Pork [Rating: 7/10] Grilled pork belly doused with coffee sauce. It was delicious but the meat was a little hard and stretchy.

Beef Broccoli [Rating: 8/10] Slices of beef in oyster sauce with bits of broccoli around it. It was delicious and the meat was tender enough but I didn’t like the flavor of the broccoli much.

Erin, my pretty first niece

Caitlin, Erin’s kulit little sister

Sean, my only nephew and the most kulit of them all…I’m going to miss this little terror

Bebe, my little sister with her son

The Gang after dinner

As usual, Itadakimasu everyone!


13 thoughts on “The “No Picture Taking” Incident at Spice Fusion SM Northwing

  1. corinne says:

    really? they stop you from taking pictures? what’s the reason daw? im curious because i myself is very ma-capture the moment and events person also hehehe. i haven’t tried dining there though. sa banilad lang nila na spice fusion ko naka eat. yummy naman food nila didto hehe.


  2. Yup, no picture taking. Actually, they don’t forbid you from taking pictures. They just stop you from taking pictures OF THEIR FOOD. Hahaha! Shy cguro ang food. Ahem…corny. Hehehe! Anyways, I was clicking away on the third dish they brought to our table when a lady actually leaned over our table and told me, “Excuse me ma’am. Dili pwede mag take ug pictures sa food.” LOL!


  3. Same thing happened to me in another resto in SM Northwing, Tempura. That’s great that you kept your cool, me and my friend on the other hand ranted our frustrations in their survey sheet (the one where you rate their service and stuff). The whole “no-picture-taking thing” is unfair! We paid for our foods, godammit! I wonder though what happens if you keep taking pictures of the food? hmmm…will they kick you out of the resto? will they confiscate ur cam? Stupid restaurant owners!

    Anyhoo, nice job on the food review! Nice site!

    Please check too. =)


  4. I haven’t visited this restaurant in years. They might have changed their “no picture of food” policy. They might have… not sure though. 😀 But their food was okay.

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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