Impromptu Dinner at French Baker

This was supposedly our payday dinner, a re-instatement that never really quite measured up to what I thought it would be.  Cel, Jenny, Rhea, and I went to SM before Cel and I were to meet Yam at Outpost. I went to SM for a book while the other three gals went there to withdraw some money and check out the SALE…LOL! Unfortunately, we were caught in traffic for an hour and by the time we arrived at SM, everyone except me was hungry. So the minute we arrived at the mall, we immediately looked for some quick grub. We first decided to go to KFC, but then the place was packed. I had a vision that if we had insisted on KFC, Cel’s hunger pangs would have come and gone twice before we would have been able to catch sight of anything edible. And so we decided to look for another place.  Somewhere where we could get food the minute we stepped inside its parameters…and we actually found just the place…French Baker. When we spied the empty restaurant, we were actually reluctant to take a look at first. It was probably partly because of the place’s unfortunate reputation for being a favorite rendezvous of foreigners and their Filipina “paramours” and partly because of the theory that a place with barely any customers probably does not serve anything good. But then, my stomach was starting to empathize with Cel’s by that time, and so I went ahead and peeked at their menu, which was on several cardboards propped up near the place’s entrance. The food in the pictures did not look bad, and my mouth started to salivate at the sight of pasta and garlic bread, so we went ahead and ordered our food. They serve pretty fast actually. We just told the girl behind the glass case what we wanted, paid for them at the counter, and a few minutes after we sat down, our food arrived. My lasagna was scrumptious! I did not actually taste the dishes Cel, Rhea, and Jenny got but from the way they attacked their food, I assumed they could not have been bad. As for me, I was so stuffed that I was not even able to finish my mango shake. *frown* Oh well, I’ll strive to stretch my tummy next time…LOL! Kidding!… All right, half kidding.

Cel’s Chicken in Teriyaki sauce

Cel: Hala, lami siya. Lami iyang sauce. Unsa toy name sa sauce?

Jen and I: Teriyaki?!

[A closer look on the chickenHehehe!]

Jen’s Seafood Pasta and Garlic Bread

Jen: Okay ra ang pasta but mas lami ang garlic bread sa Sbarro. (nodding her head all the while)

Rhea’s Roasted Chicken

Rhea: Yummy ra siya…as in. (lagi, lagi…we belive you, Rhea…:D)

My Lasagna and Garlic Bread [Rating: 10/10]

Buttery Corn and Carrots [Rating: 10/10]

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of our drinks. Next time nalang unya. 😀

Itadakimasu, everyone!


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