Red Ribbon’s Choco Mallows

Cake! Fabulous delicious drool-inducing cake! I have always been an ardent fan of cake and since it is something mouthwatering, I thought a post about it would perfectly belong in this palate-inspired blog. LOL!

My family could care less where cakes come from, as long as they are yummy. I am actually the one who is such a fan of this bakeshop. Now, when my niece and nephew attended their commencement ceremony, I felt guilty I was not able to come because I was at the office. I did not want to waste any of my precious leaves because I’m planning to use them later this year. *crossing fingers* So that evening, I decided to surprise the little terrors with a sugary sweet dessert from one of my favorite bakeshops, Red Ribbon. This confection is called Choco Mallows. The kiddies squealed when they saw the red box, and they squealed even more when they saw what was inside it – especially the chocolate-covered marshmallows.

Tada! Choco Mallows!

The impatient kiddies

Erin, trying to put out the candles as fast she can. Sean, wanting more practice in blowing out candles.

Caitlin: Massshmawows!

Erin trying to be funny

Sean: Ngayo pa ko more after ani, Lolo!

Caitlin, the kulit

The mangled Choco Mallows. It wasn’t me! Caitlin tried to chop this one herself. I almost swallowed a mosquito when I saw her holding the bread knife and I inhaled sharply. *Whew!

Bon Appétit!


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