How To Make Maki

This stint happened last January, the time when my hometown was noisily celebrating its fiesta called Sinulog. It just so happened that one of my officemates was celebrating his birthday on the same day. And so a bunch of us from the office decided to go to his house and experiment. In short, we decided to make maki! I apologize for the lack of better pictures here. I did not initially plan on posting this as a tutorial post. I promise I will have better tutorial posts next time. Vet has just invited me to go ahead and make use of her new oven in her new home. Right, Vet? *wink wink

Well, that story is for another time. I will have to convince Vet first that it is now perfectly all right to invite people to her new house, and I would have to save money to buy baking ingredients. LOL!

Japanese rice
Nori sheets
Canned peaches and fresh mangoes
sliced omelete (or you could also call them “omelet strips”)
You would also need:
Bamboo place mats (for rolling the nori sheets)
Soy sauce and wasabi paste (for the dip)

First, cook the Japanese rice the same way as you would ordinary rice. It would be most convenient if you use a rice cooker.

While the rice is still cooking, beat the eggs and make the omelet. Then, slice the cucumber, peaches, mangoes, and omelet into strips just like in the pictures below.

Next, get the bamboo mats and nori sheets. Put a nori sheet on top of a bamboo mat, then put some rice on the sheet. *Refer to the picture below

Next, put the rest of the yummy ingredients (those that we sliced into strips a while ago) on a small portion on one side of the sheet. *Refer to the picture below

Then, you put mayonnaise on top of the fruits, cucumber, and egg. *Refer to the picture below

Then, you roll the nori sheet. Make sure that you don’t actually include the bamboo mat when you roll the nori sheet in.

And now the unsliced rolls

Of course, you slice them before you can have bite-size bits. This is so you can stuff a whole diameter in your mouth. Kidding! I just made that up. But it does look good when they’re all sliced up. Look how pretty these are! These colorful rolls were delicious.

Well anyway, I hope that anyone out there who likes makis would get something out of this, however minute. By the way, I was not the one who actually made these tasty rolls. I just sliced some of the ingredients and then took pictures of people who were putting them all together. (I always have an excuse not to help when I’m carrying my camera. Kidding!) The rolls were courtesy of Cheryl, Dennis, Aileen, and Jenny. Thanks guys!

Aileen and Dencio were rolling makis while Edwin and Bhong were drooling. Hehe! Peace, Edwin.

Cheryl, looks embarrassed about something…can’t remember what about.

Jenny and Dencio, still rolling makis. Whew!

(Left to right…then front) Liezel, Jenny, Dennis, Glenn, Cel, Edwin, Cheryl, and moi in front

Itadakimasu, everyone!


9 thoughts on “How To Make Maki

  1. vetlongwalks says:

    haha… if makapa.andar ka ato, line… super low tech and the manual wasn’t a great help — di gihapon ko kabalo mo.ON [LOL!!!]…or basin guba, hehe… one of these days… on the second thought, heard you have a map of my place… i.ambush lang ko, naa man jud ko mactan weekends basta di ko ka.hearing nga mangadto mo, LOL!!!


  2. Yup, we bought our nori sheets at Metro Cebu Ayala Supermarket, if I remember correctly. They have several kinds there. Some have Japanese labels, others had Korean and Chinese.


  3. celine says:

    Hi Ms. Line.

    Mr. Dencio seems to an expert with norimakis and he rolls then to perfection! I wonder how it tasted with peaches? Ako nya nang sulayan hehe.

    If you can’t avail of mats or if you can’t roll it as neat as Dencio why not try the temaki (meaning hand-rolled) if Ayala has those slimmer noris (3/4 size). Same procedure, just roll them on your palms and make a cone so the contents only show on one side like ice cream. Dali pa!



  4. celine says:

    Anytime Ms. LIne.

    I’ll try to insert some nori and QP mayonnaise (tastier) in my next baggage for my siblings puhon and have them delivered to you. Naa man pud gud koy utang ni Dong Ley.

    I wonder when….. basta modangat ra puhon nimo.

    More power to this mouth-watering blog of yours.



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