Little Nonki Japanese Restaurant

I haven’t posted anything in a while, have I? I apologize for that. Now this…this dinner happened in April. I know, I know. I have stretched the definition of the word “tardy” to its limits. Again. *LOL Fortunately, I still remember how these dishes tasted. Looking at the pictures actually makes me want to visit that nice little place again, but I just can’t afford to right now. *sigh

This dinner actually was our second time at Nonki. Cel, Jenny and I just stumbled on this little restaurant in SM when we were in one of our little jaunts. Jenny and I like Japanese food, so our attention was piqued. Cel was not so averse to the idea either because Jenny and I have been trying to convince her of the “yumminess” of Japanese food during dinners previous to this. Sneaky, huh? Hahaha! So we went inside, had a really delicious dinner, and spent more than two thousand in one freaking night. But we actually didn’t mind, and we were even a little bit appeased when the waitress gave us a coupon that said we can get one order of some yummy rolls for free the next time we eat there. As a result, after that first dinner there, we planned to come back to redeem the coupon. Kind of stupid to be duped by a coupon, but duped we were. We didn’t mind, especially when we thought of their food. Yes, they are a little pricey, but we can afford to splurge…once in a while.

Now back to this particular dinner. This was the night we redeemed the coupon for a serving of their yummy tuna rolls. Aside from Cel, Jenny, and I; Ley and Glenn decided to come along and see this restaurant we were ranting so much about. Before we all decided to go, I warned Ley that we’d be having Japanese food because I know he is not so adventurous when it involves his palate. He went with us anyway. Oh well, “Munch at your own risk,” I muttered to myself. Haha!

Note: The employees there have this cute little habit of greeting you in Japanese when you come in and go out of their restaurant. It made Jenny and I smile. c”,)


The free Tuna Rolls! [Rating: 10/10]

Yummy Yakisoba [Rating: 10/10]

Yasai [Rating: 10/10]

My Calamnsi Juice and Somebody’s Iced Tea

The Pretty Bentos

My somewhat unusual Ice Cream [Rating: 8/10] It tasted like Green Tea.

The Menu

The company

Ley: Makapasar na ni para commercial?

Cel: Nahulog akong tuna roll. (pout)

Glenn: Pila kaha akong mabayran ani ron?!

Ley: Yay! Another pose!

Jenny: Waaah! Paparazzi! Nooooo!

Incidentally, the waitress gave us another coupon when she gave us our bill at this dinner. We realized we couldn’t afford to come back anytime soon, so we let it expire without redeeming it. Too bad, I know.

Itadakimasu again, everyone!


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