Cafe de Coral

One of the most famous food chains in Hong Kong, Cafe de Coral.

My cousin brought Vet and I to this famous restaurant the morning right after the night we discovered that we were stuck at a shady hostel, the night we vowed to not sleep for fear someone might break down our door and do us some unimaginable harm. Hahaha! We really weren’t able to sleep, but at least no one did break our door down. And so it was such a special treat when my cousin brought us to this place before we went “Inn Hunting”. Who could ever resist good food , right? Well, I sure couldn’t! Unfortunately, only Ate Emmy was the one who actually knew what the dishes were on the menu. So Vet and I went for the obvious stuff, the ones with meat and vegetables we could recognize. Well, here goes our brief jaunt at Cafe de Coral.

This was last year and so I’ve forgotten the names of these dishes. I’m sorry! [I would really appreciate it if anyone could provide the names of these dishes. Anyone from Hong Kong out there?]

Itadakimasu, nonetheless!

My Food [I may not remember the name but I do remember that this was really yummy!]

Vet’s Food [It looks kind of like mine but I’m sure it wasn’t.]

Ate Emmy’s cake [I think this was Fried Turnip cake, but I’m not 100% sure though. I ate some at the urging of Ate Emmy, but I couldn’t swallow a whole square. It tasted funny to me. :D]

Vet and I [Is it obvious that we didn’t get any sleep?]

Moi with my cousin, Ate Emmy [The lady without whom we would not have been able to find another inn and visit Disneyland without tickets. LOL! Thanks, Te!]

Itadakimasu again, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Cafe de Coral

  1. Thanks for the names.
    “Next time you come here try baked pork chop with rice. Yum!”… Hong Kong is a beautiful city. I actually am planning to go back there, and I will definitely follow your advice when I do. 😀


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