Dinner in Macau

This was during our Hong Kong /Macau trip last December. Boy, did we have great fun or what?! And boy, was it freezing cold!

This dinner happened after Vet and I visited St. Francis Xavier Church in Coloane, Macau; got off at the wrong bus stop; got lost in another island; and finally found our way back to Macau island. It was quite an adventure. And like all adventures, it was also hunger-inducing. LOL! And so Vet and I decided to eat dinner the minute we found a place where we saw people eating. The place looked quite unassuming in the midst of all the grand lights of the gambling capital of Asia, and so we got curious. There’s another curious thing about this place. It had two entrances/exits. You can go in one street and go out another street. I found it funny.   Anyways, Vet and I didn’t really recognize most of the food there. So, we went for the most familiar sounding ones.

Behold! My Dumplings [Rating:8/10]

Vet’s Dinner

A closer look..Hehe! [small pork slices, a spiced egg, some veggies I don’t know the names of, and Vet’s favorite…cabbages]

I had a great time wrestling with the chopticks. Vet couldn’t imagine using them and asked for a spoon and fork. LOL!

Itadakimasu, everyone!


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